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“Touching QEEHUA” —— Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of QEEHUA Pump Industry

10th Anniversary of QEEHUA Pump

This is a special party and a day of great significance. On this day, our Chinese family spent an extremely unforgettable day, paying tribute to the past ten years in a way unique to our QEEHUA people.


In the general sharing between Lai Dong and Zeng, we reviewed the ten-year growth track of QEEHUA together. In the past ten years, QEEHUA has changed from an initial “small workshop” to an “enterprise” with standard operation today. In eight years, it devoted itself to polishing products, and in two years, it took brand building to improve its internal management. In the past ten years, QEEHUA has experienced changes again and again. QEEHUA people, always unite, share weal and woe, advance and retreat together.

Touching QEEHUA
2021, an extraordinary year, QEEHUA people still worked hard and made progress step by step. QEEHUA people adhere to the family culture concept of co-construction, sharing, sharing and prosperity, and handed us an extraordinary answer in 2021.


Touched by QEEHUA

Touching QEEHUA-tell your story

This evening, there was also a special session. In order to celebrate QEEHUA’s 10th birthday, we launched a collection of stories about “Touching QEEHUA”. In just 4 days, more than 50 family members contributed more than 80 stories. They used their own words to express their understanding of QEEHUA’s family culture and the full love and warmth they felt in QEEHUA’s big family. In this celebration, we also invited 20 family representatives to tell their stories.


As many families have mentioned, QEEHUA is an amazing enterprise. Here, the boss will really worry about whether you are healthy or not, whether you are happy at work, hold music classes, and ask Chinese medicine practitioners to tell us how to keep fit and lead everyone to go to bed early and get up early. Our colleagues are really like a family. Although we will be flushed at work, we never hold grudges. We care about each other and help each other. When an ordinary employee encounters difficulties in his life, his boss is willing to spend several hours to enlighten him and help him …


The celebration ended with the singing of “Tomorrow will be Better”, thanking everyone for their company and support in the past ten years. In the next ten years, I hope we will continue to persevere and achieve each other’s goals. Goodbye to the next ten years!



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