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QEEHUA,Chinese chemical pump manufacturer

QEEHUA pump, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of various acid and alkali resistant pumps, chemical liquid filters and related ancillary equipment. Since 2012, we have started independent research and development, and now we have more than ten patents, and have obtained CE certificate and passed ISO management system certification.
Guangdong Qeehua Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd, the main products are magnetic pumps, centrifugal pumps, vertical pumps, metering pumps, diaphragm pumps, precision filter machines. They are widely used in electroplating, continuous plating, PCB, semiconductor, photovoltaic, LED, chemical, medical, environmental protection and coating fields.

Production plant
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12 years
Development History
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Certificate obtained by QEEHUA

With its own technical research and development team and years of manufacturing experience, QEEHUA Pump has strictly controlled the quality of product production, which has been widely recognized by the society and has obtained several certificates.

Welcome to be a partner

Welcome to become a QEEHUA Pump distributor

QEEHUA pump provides high quality chemical pumps, fast delivery, and oem/ODM for customers, we welcome you as a partner and a friend of QEEHUA PUMP to provide support.
Various ways of cooperation: OEM、ODM、Qeehua Agent, Qeehua Distributor are all welcome.

Why Choose QEEHUA

We provide OEM/ODM service

Based on the strong R&D capability, QEEHUA Pumps can modify the products to meet the individual needs of customers, in addition, we can design and produce brand new products together with customers on the basis of collaborative design/exclusive design.
Includes the following industrial designs:
√ Customize shapes, colors and materials to meet your partner’s special needs.
√ Customize the specifications according to the partner’s own design.
√ Sign non-disclosure agreements with our OEM/ODM partners!
We welcome your chemical pump OEM/ODM opportunities. Let us hear from you and work on your project together.

R&D center

Most of the researchers in the research center are senior engineers, with rich industry experience and high knowledge in mechanical industry and advanced chemical pump.

Global business distribution

QEEHUA pump as a professional chemical pump manufacturer in China, with the goal of “let the world love Chinese pumps”, we are responsible for promoting the chemical pumps made in China to the world. We are looking for and establishing partners in many regions around the world to recommend good quality and reasonably priced corrosion resistant pumps to our customers and help them solve the problems of corrosion of equipment.


QEEHUA Pump Marketing Center was established

QEEHUA Pump Marketing Center was established

Insist on solving problems for customers and continuously upgrading products and technology, so that customers can buy the most cost-effective chemical pumps and filter machines!



What is a chemical pumps?

Chemical pump is an energy-saving pump. QEEHUA chemical pump is widely used in chemical industry, pe...