Chemical waste gas comes from toxic and harmful gases emitted by chemical plants in chemical production. The three main types of exhaust gases are: (1) compounds containing nitrogen, such as ammonia, amines, nitrile, nitro compounds and nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds; (2) compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen or carbon, hydrogen and oxygen; (3) compounds containing sulfur, such as hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, dimethyl sulfide, sulfur ethers and sulfur-containing heterocyclic compounds.

Exhaust gas treatment equipment is mainly scrubber tower (acid mist purification tower), because of the working principle of acid mist, chemical pumps are required to add a corrosive solution to the neutralization liquid constantly circulating, at this time the chemical pump material must be anti-corrosive materials, chemical pumps mainly use vertical shaft seal design chemical pump, shaft seal design chemical pump can lack of liquid airlift, and output pressure stability and other features to reduce the chance of damage.

Focus in the exhaust gas process.

Pharmaceutical liquid conveying
Pretreatment series (water washing/alkali washing)

QEEHUA pump series commonly used in exhaust gas treatment

Acid and alkali resistant vertical submerged pumps are suitable for various acid and alkali liquid circulation, cooling, spray washing equipment, waste towers, etching lines, and wastewater treatment.

Vertical submerged pumps are made of FRPP, CPVC, CFRPP, PVDF, which can resist most chemicals, acids and alkalis.

The sealed metering unit and corrosion-resistant materials of the metering pump make it possible to pump corrosive media with ease.