QEEHUA PUMP’s core products include anti-corrosive magnetic pump, anti-corrosive mechanical seal centrifugal pump, anti-corrosive vertical pump and plating chemical filter, which are widely used in the circulation, filtration and transportation of various corrosive chemical liquids in PCB/FPC, electroplating, semiconductor, solar energy, lithium battery, chemical pharmaceutical and coating industries, etc. Can also be used for discharge link of waste gas and waste water.

Up to now, we have passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, SGS certification, a total of more than 30 patents, business scope has been extended to the whole China and exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

We are committed to providing customers with cost-effective products and excellence services to ensure that every chemical pump & filter project of customers can be successfully implemented. We are committed to becoming the expert of chemical pump and the leader of technology upgrade. We looking forward to cooperating with you.


Magnetic pump is composed of three parts: pump head, drive magnetic rotor and motor. When the motor drives the outer magnetic rotor to rotate, the magnetic field can penetrate the rear cover of the pump, and drive the inner magnetic rotor connected with the impeller to rotate synchronously, so as to realize the non-contact transmission of power. The pump shaft and the inner magnetic rotor are completely closed by the pump body and the rear cover, and the dynamic sealing structure which is easy to leak is transformed into the static sealing structure with zero leakage, so as to completely solve the leakage problem.

Our QEEHUA magnetic pump structure design is reasonable, with advanced injection molding technology and super corrosion resistance. And our QEEHUA magnetic pump variety is complete, suitable for almost all corrosive chemicals, to meet the needs of large flow or pressure, customers can choose according to the requirements. Can be used in a variety of industrial processes, such as: semiconductor, PCB, etching, plating, surface treatment, chemical pharmaceutical, waste water treatment, and so on.

Magnetic Pump Series
Centrifugal Pump Series


Centrifugal pump is driven by the motor, so that the pump shaft drives the impeller to do high-speed rotating motion, through the centrifugal force generated when the impeller rotates to transport liquid.

Our QEEHUA centrifugal pump with GFRPP, CFRPP, PVDF plastic materials or SUS304/316 material, with high temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance, low noise and long service life characteristics, and has super self-priming ability of self-priming centrifugal pump series can be selected. And our QEEHUA centrifugal pump can also be equipped with intelligent protection device, it can prevent dry running, overload and phase loss, to avoid shaft seal and impeller damage. QEEHUA centrifugal pump can be applied to the transportation and circulation of various acid and alkali corrosive liquids.


Vertical pump is also a kind of centrifugal pump, also called submerged pump, can not be installed in the case of backfilling. Normally it can be installed inside or outside the liquid tank.

Our QEEHUA vertical pump using GFRPP, PPH, PVDF and other raw materials, or SUS304/316 material, patent structure design, one injection molding, light shape, and the length of the pump body can be customized. Strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, no cracking, no leakage. Stable operation and low noise, can be 24 hours dry running without liquid, not easy to damage. And it can pump liquid containing impurities, suitable for deep tank use.

Vertical Pump Series
Chemical filter series


Chemical filter is by pumping the chemical liquid with impurities into the filter barrel, through the filter cartridge, bag or disc paper to remove impurities, so as to get high precision clean chemical liquid. Chemical filter is widely used in PCB, electroplating, coating, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Our QEEHUA chemical filter, its main body adopts PPH or PVDF material injection molding, acid & alkali and high & low temperature shared, the filtration precision can be fine to 0.1-5um, and the size can be customized and a variety of filtration way can be selected, simple operation.


Diaphragm pumps rely on a diaphragm plate to pump back and forth to draw in and expel fluid. It uses diaphragm to separate the liquid from the live column and pump cylinder, so as to protect the live column and pump cylinder. The part on the left side of the diaphragm in contact with the liquid is made of corrosion-resistant material or coated with a corrosion-resistant material.

Our QEEHUA diaphragm pump commonly used are five kinds of materials: plastic PP, aluminum alloy, cast iron, stainless steel, Teflon. It has these characteristics: strong self-priming ability, good passability, adjustable head flow, acid-base high and low temperature can be shared, simple structure, less wearing parts, long service life.

Diaphragm pump series
Metering pump series


Metering pump also known as dosing pump, can meet the needs of a variety of strict process. It can be used to complete the function of conveying, measuring and adjusting at the same time, so as to simplify the production process. The use of multiple metering pumps, several chemical media can be accurately proportioned into the process flow for mixing. It is widely used in PCB, electroplating, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial fields.

Our QEEHUA metering pump is suitable for all kinds of acid and alkali liquid, high timing and quantitative accuracy, good safety performance. It can be installed on the liquid tank, flow can be adjusted in operation, remote control and easy maintenance.


QEEHUA PUMP also provides other chemical fluid related equipment and accessories, please contact our sales engineers for details.



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