energy storage system

Austria allocates €17.9 Million to promote the development of medium-sized electrical energy storage systems

Recently, Austria announced that €17.9 million will be allocated to support the development of energy storage systems for medium-sized grids, of which €10 million will come from the Austrian Ministry for the Protection of Climate Action and €7.9 million from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

Magnetic pump Trends

Trend of magnetic pump industry: the future of sealless technology

Magnetic pump is a new type of pump that utilizes magnetic force to transmit torque without the need for mechanical seals, which has the advantages of no leakage, high efficiency, and low maintenance, making it ideal for transporting corrosive, toxic, or hazardous media. In this article, we will explore the trends in the magnetic pumps market, including market growth, regional landscape and key players. In addition, we will present the leading technologies and benefits of QEEHUA PUMP magnetic pumps.

Exhaust gas tower

Deciphering the Role of Chemical Pumps in scrubber: Achieving Excellence in Purification

Industrial development accompanied by exhaust emissions, once like rolling smoke, obscuring the blue sky and white clouds, threatening human health. Exhaust tower came into being, in the exhaust tower behind the efficient operation of the chemical pump plays an indispensable role in conveying the liquid, and harmful substances in the exhaust gas silent battle, concerted purification of the industrial voice, create a clean sky future.

Surface treatment equipment

QEEHUA PUMP Promotes Development of Advanced Surface Treatment Chemicals Market

QEEHUA PUMP is a leading manufacturer of chemical pumps and chemical pump filters with a number of patented technologies to solve the problems of leakage, corrosion, slow heat dissipation, cracking, bubbling and damage of chemical pumps. QEEHUA PUMP is committed to providing efficient, reliable and safe chemical pump solutions for the advanced surface treatment chemicals market, and helping industry to develop.