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Austria allocates €17.9 Million to promote the development of medium-sized electrical energy storage systems

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Recently, the Austrian government announced a major grant program aimed at funding the development of medium-sized electrical energy storage systems. A total of €17.9 million ($19 million) will be used to support energy storage systems with net capacities between 51kWh and 1,000kWh. The program is jointly supported by the Austrian Ministry for Climate Action Protection and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) with €10 million and €7.9 million, respectively. This initiative marks an important step in the field of renewable energy and energy storage in Austria, with the intention of balancing the fluctuations in photovoltaic and wind power generation and promoting sustainable energy.

Allocation and Utilization of Funds

The core objective of the funding program is to support the construction and expansion of medium-sized battery energy storage systems. To encourage more businesses and individuals to participate, the program offers €150 per kWh of energy storage capacity support. If the storage facility is primarily powered by renewable energy systems, a sustainability surcharge will be provided. Regions with a strong focus on climate protection can receive an additional €10 per kWh surcharge. The funding ceiling for environmental-related investment costs is set at 30% to ensure that funds are used reasonably and efficiently.

Implementation of the Program

This funding program covers not only new projects but also the expansion of existing battery energy storage systems. Specifically, the funds will be available to residents, manufacturing companies, commercial and service companies, energy suppliers, public institutions, contractors, and communities. The application process for this program is fully conducted online, and the submission period will continue until the end of February 2025 or until funds are exhausted. Approved projects must be completed within 24 months to ensure rapid progress.

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The Austrian government’s allocation of €17.9 million for the development of medium-sized power storage systems is a significant measure to drive the development of renewable energy. This program will not only contribute to balancing electricity supply and demand but also inspire more investors to participate in green energy projects.

As a leader in the chemical pump industry, QEEHUA PUMP is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services, supporting sustainable development across various industries. Our products and technological solutions play a crucial role in liquid flow energy storage systems, helping customers achieve efficient and secure energy storage and utilization.