Corporate Culture

QEEHUA PUMP: Building an Excellent Corporate Culture with Integrity, Sensitivity, Harmony, Dedication and Gratitude

This article explores QEEHUA PUMP’s corporate culture, highlighting the core values of “integrity, sensitivity, harmony, dedication, and gratitude.” Through a real-life customer project example, the article demonstrates how these values translate into efficient collaboration across departments to meet customer needs and deliver exceptional service.

Returns to Work After the Chinese New Year Holiday

QEEHUA PUMP Returns to Work After the Chinese New Year Holiday

At the end of the Chinese New Year holidays, all QEEHUA PUMP staff gathered together to welcome the new year! The atmosphere was one of enthusiasm and determination as we reaffirmed our relentless pursuit of product quality and our commitment to work hard to ensure that every chemical pump performs excellently. Our core focus has always been to bring value to our customers, ensure their satisfaction and remain at the forefront of the industry. Join us for a bright future!

Chemical pump filter

Leverage QEEHUA PUMP Chemical Pump Filters to Enhance Chemical Processing

The chemical pump filter from QEEHUA PUMP offers a wide range of applications. Its primary function is to effectively filter chemical solutions and remove insoluble particle impurities. It is widely used in specialized equipment for industries such as electroplating, surface treatment, PCB etching equipment, pharmaceuticals, and environmental protection