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QEEHUA PUMP: Building an Excellent Corporate Culture with Integrity, Sensitivity, Harmony, Dedication and Gratitude

Corporate Culture

In QEEHUA PUMP, efficient collaboration is one of the centers of corporate culture. The company has always advocated mutual collaboration between departments and employees to accomplish the work goals together. In a customer project, due to the change of customer project requirements, the production cycle of the order was originally one week, but now it takes four days to deliver. Facing the emergency, QEEHUA PUMP departments reacted quickly, made a thorough production plan and executed the plan efficiently.

In QEEHUA PUMP, corporate culture is not only a slogan, but also a guide to our actions and the embodiment of our values.QEEHUA PUMP, as a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of chemical pumps, has always insisted on the corporate culture with the core of “honesty, sensitivity, peace of mind, dedication, and thanksgiving” to give a strong impetus to the development of the enterprise. It has injected a strong impetus for the development of the enterprise.

Integrity: Words must be honored, actions must be taken

In QEEHUA PUMP, integrity is the cornerstone of corporate culture. The company always adheres to the integrity of the business, and will honor the commitments made to customers. In the customer’s project, due to the change of the customer’s project requirements, the production cycle of the order was originally one week, and now it needs four days to deliver. In the face of the emergency, QEEHUA PUMP all work together, go all out to catch up with the production. The director of manufacturing center coordinated the resources, each production department went all out to produce, other departments tried their best to support the production department, after five days of struggle, finally in the final delivery date of the customer order, quality and quantity delivered to the hands of customers. This incident fully reflects QEEHUA PUMP’s corporate culture of honesty and promise-keeping.

Sensitive: quick response, efficient solution

In the ever-changing market environment, companies need to have a keen insight and quick response ability, QEEHUA PUMP always keep a keen sense of the market, can quickly respond to customer needs, provide efficient solutions. In the above case, facing the customer’s urgent order, QEEHUA PUMP departments reacted quickly, the procurement department coordinated with the supplier to provide materials as soon as possible, the personnel and administrative department temporarily deployed staff allocation to meet the production to the best of their ability, and other departments cooperated with the production department to provide support for the staff. It is because of this sensitive and efficient response mechanism that QEEHUA PUMP can fulfill customer orders within a limited time and win customers’ trust.

Harmony: Together we create brilliance!

QEEHUA PUMP has always advocated a win-win corporate culture, encouraging employees to help each other, cross-departmental assistance, and jointly promote the development of the enterprise. In the above case, each department cooperated with each other and performed their own duties, showing a high degree of teamwork. This win-win corporate culture creates a harmonious working atmosphere for QEEHUA PUMP and stimulates the enthusiasm and creativity of employees.

Dedication: selfless dedication, the pursuit of excellence

The spirit of dedication runs through our working life. Every employee is willing to obey the arrangement, not to excuse themselves because of the hard work of the post. In the face of emergencies, we dare to take responsibility, do our best to meet the needs of customers, and contribute to the development of the company.

Gratitude: Grateful to customers and society

Gratitude is a quality we will never forget. In the above case, the front-end salesman thanked the production department for their efforts, the production department thanked the other departments for their support, and the customer thanked QEEHUA PUMP for going all out to solve the problem.QEEHUA PUMP is always grateful for the trust and support of the customers, and for the help from all walks of life.


QEEHUA PUMP takes “integrity, sensitivity, harmony, dedication, gratitude” as the core of its corporate culture, which has injected a strong impetus for the development of the enterprise and shaped a good corporate image. In the future development road, QEEHUA PUMP will continue to carry forward the corporate culture, and constantly improve their own strength, to provide customers with better quality products and services, and create greater value for the community.

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