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Ever Popular Foreign Trade Grand Opening

Ever Popular Foreign Trade Grand Opening

Over the past 14 years, QEEHUA PUMP has experienced an extraordinary journey. Despite facing challenges along the way, the company has stayed true to its passion for chemical pumps and relentless pursuit of excellence. It has continued persevering through difficulties, always focusing on corrosion-resistant chemical pumps as its core business.

The company has grown from just a few employees working in a small workshop to over a hundred employees today. It has also developed from a subcontracting workshop to a nationwide brand exporting to 35 countries worldwide.

This year, positive changes have occurred across all departments at QEEHUA PUMP. On one hand, the company is improving cash flow and performance through new systems and tools. On the other hand, it is substantially increasing R&D investment to upgrade product value and competitiveness. At the same time, QEEHUA PUMP is also transforming its organizational structure to boost employee morale and team spirit. These efforts are sure to provide strong momentum for QEEHUA’s innovative growth.

In its 14th year, QEEHUA PUMP has achieved an important milestone – the opening of its first venture, Ever Popular Foreign Trade. This not only marks an important chapter in QEEHUA’s history, but also testifies to the hard work and perseverance of the export team. Ever Popular Foreign Trade opens a new phase of development for the company. However, this is not the end, but a new beginning. QEEHUA will work more closely with all departments and supplier partners to optimize support work and ensure high-quality growth for Ever Popular Foreign Trade.

Since 2022, we have received growing demands from partners and customers around the world. They hope our team in China can procure more products for them as we have expertise in optimizing supply chains, controlling quality, ensuring efficient communication and delivery.

Therefore, to better serve the overseas market, our vision is to not only focus on manufacturing and selling our own QEEHUA products, but also provide one-stop, trustworthy procurement services for international customers. This is why Dongguan Ever Popular Import and Export Co., LTD. was established.

Ever PopularAs a subsidiary of QEEHUA PUMP, Ever Popular will be responsible for the purchasing, sales and services of related products in the fluid industry, including chemical pumps, filters, valves and measurement instruments. We will uphold our spirit of full dedication to service and connect the world by serving as a reliable bridge and shared platform between Chinese and foreign enterprises.

Future Development Plan for the Subsidiary

The establishment of Ever Popular Foreign Trade marks QEEHUA PUMP’s deeper penetration and expansion in the international market, signifying that the company will embark on a new phase of rapid growth. As QEEHUA’s subsidiary, Ever Popular will not only be a foreign trade company, but also an important part of QEEHUA PUMP’s internationalization strategy. We will continue to strengthen our expansion in international markets, explore new business areas, and provide customers with more diversified and professional products and services.

With the strong support from QEEHUA PUMP, Ever Popular is well-positioned to make significant contributions to the group’s vision of becoming a world-leading solutions provider in the global fluid handling industry.

Ever PopularThe establishment of Ever Popular Foreign Trade signifies that QEEHUA PUMP will further strengthen its connections and cooperation with the international market as well as expand its overseas business footprint and enhance its brand competitiveness globally.

At the same time, as a subsidiary of QEEHUA PUMP, Ever Popular will uphold the parent company’s excellent traditions and quality to provide customers with high-quality, high-performance products and services. This will help customers achieve greater business value.

Ever Popular aims to serve as a valuable extension of QEEHUA PUMP in overseas markets. It will benchmark the parent company’s standards and continue delivering on its promise of outstanding solutions, services, and customer experience. Through close collaboration with QEEHUA PUMP teams, Ever Popular strives to create synergies that benefit business partners and end users around the world.

Moving forward, the subsidiary seeks to significantly contribute to both companies’ goals through its internationalization efforts and quality customer-centric approach.

Client Appreciation

While many partner clients were unable to attend the grand opening ceremony of Ever Popular due to geographical distance and time differences, this did not dampen their well-wishes for us. Through short video messages, they conveyed their congratulations and joined the celebration of Ever Popular’s inauguration. Their videos also expressed deep gratitude for QEEHUA PUMP’s support over many years.

These heartfelt blessings and endorsements motivate us to continuously improve and provide excellent products and services to our clients. Together, we aim to create a brighter future.

We are thankful for the trust and loyalty shown by our global client community. Even from afar, their encouraging words spur us forward. We look forward to strengthening partnerships and collaborating towards shared success in the years ahead. Our clients’ firm backing over the long term is what drives Ever Popular and QEEHUA PUMP to achieve greater heights.

The opening of Ever Popular Foreign Trade marks not just a new beginning, but a firm step forward towards the global stage.

We will continue advancing with renewed passion and pragmatic work ethic as we explore new frontiers and create greater value for our clients. Our efforts will strongly support the company’s long-term growth prospects.

Moving ahead, Ever Popular will leverage expanding internationalization as an opportunity to showcase QEEHUA PUMP’s excellence worldwide. We are committed to providing best-in-class products, services and experiences that exceed customer expectations.

Under the parent company’s guidance, the subsidiary aims to establish a larger imprint abroad. With the full dedication of our talented global team, we will achieve higher goals that cement our role as a leading solutions provider in the international fluid equipment industry.

This is an exciting time for both Ever Popular and QEEHUA PUMP. The journey on the global stage has just begun – one we will embark on together with confidence, innovation and grit.