High efficiency chemical pump


QEEHUA PUMP insists on the road of sustainable development, producing high-efficiency chemical pump while not forgetting to give back to the society and contribute to the society.


In order to take on its corporate responsibility for environmental protection, QEEHUA PUMP has been committed to developing energy-efficient products. We hope that without changing the pump power, the pump performance is more excellent and stable, which can greatly save costs for users, and greatly save energy consumption and pollution for the society. In the second half of 2022, we will soon launch the permanent magnet pump, which not only saves the physical space for the users, but also improves the efficiency. In the near future, QEEHUA PUMP will continue to dig deep on the road of energy-saving, and develop more efficient and energy-saving pumps to serve the users and benefit the society. QEEHUA PUMP believes that this is a corporate social responsibility. It is also an important factor for the sustainable development of a society and an enterprise!

Caring for the environment
Employee care


QEEHUA PUMP is a enterprise with “home culture” as its core culture. QEEHUA PUMP’s team members come from all over China. They get together in QEEHUA PUMP to build such a big family, share responsibilities, share achievements and share honors. Therefore, we believe that QEEHUA PUMP’s employees are the siblings of this big family, and one of the siblings who are unrelated but love each other and help each other. Here, not only the boss cares about employees, superiors care about subordinates, colleagues also care about and help each other, and even, care also often appears in subordinates to superiors, employees to the boss. In short, we have done a lot of things to make us as a member of QEEHUA PUMP physical and mental health, family happiness. For example, we hold regular health lectures, often group sports and activities, we often talk to employees one-on-one, to see what difficulties they have, if there is something that companies can help employees’ families, the company will make efforts, both financially and spiritually.


Mr.Lai Qingyi, the founder of QEEHUA PUMP, has always emphasized that QEEHUA PUMP is a platform and a kind of common platforms for strivers who continue to make progress with the company. For those QEEHUA PUMP members who are willing to grow up, the company will try to cultivate them. Some train them through courses, some are taught and led by superiors or skilled personnel, some exercise our team through new positions, and some hone our team through various difficulties in daily work. We believe that talent is the most valuable resource of an enterprise. Only when people are in a good state and with strong ability can they do a good job in their products and services, and then they can truly deserve our attention and investment.

Personnel training
Social Contribution


Regarding charity, QEEHUA PUMP is also actively involved. Most importantly, we cooperate with the Tzu Chi Charity Foundation to provide them with free venues, so that their members can carry out their various behaviors in the big conference room of Qihua, such as the weekly reading party, the material preparation venues and personnel gathering venues before visiting poor families. At the same time, QEEHUA PUMP’s team often participates in Tzu Chi’s activities to regularly purify their minds and maintain positive energy. In addition, the leaders of QEEHUA PUMP also use their spare time to offer some charity courses to help some people in need to better run a happy family.


QEEHUA PUMP will do more about charity. But we think the most important thing is to put our own business run well, good team management, good customer service, let us become a light, with our energy and light to illuminate the people around, warm people in need, let them see hope, find the direction, so that their enterprises do better, this should be the best charity.