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Deciphering the Role of Chemical Pumps in scrubber: Achieving Excellence in Purification

Exhaust gas tower

During industrial production, a large amount of exhaust gas is produced, which contains acidic and alkaline gases, dust, organic matter and many other harmful substances. If it is directly discharged without treatment, it will cause serious pollution to the environment, jeopardize human health, and even cause ecological disaster.

Exhaust gas tower, also known as scrubber tower, is a kind of equipment specialized in treating industrial exhaust gas. It removes the harmful substances in the exhaust gas through physical or chemical methods, so that it can be discharged in compliance with the standards and contribute to the cause of environmental protection.

Working principle and application of scrubber

An exhaust gas tower is a highly efficient air purification device that collects pollutants from exhaust gases by spraying water or other liquids. These liquids can be mixed with a variety of chemicals to increase the efficiency of the exhaust tower, which collects the liquid and treats it to remove toxic chemicals that would normally be released into the environment. For example, in the petrochemical industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and the electroplating industry, exhaust towers purify the air by removing particles and/or gases to ensure that the gases released into the atmosphere meet environmental standards.

Chemical pumps in scrubbers: excellence and concertina purification

Chemical pumps are an indispensable key component in the purification process of exhaust gas towers and are mainly used in the following areas:

  • Circulating liquid conveying: the exhaust gas tower is equipped with packing layer inside, the liquid is showered down from the top of the tower, and fully contact with the rising exhaust gas, so as to absorb or neutralize the harmful substances in the exhaust gas. The chemical pump is responsible for transporting the circulating liquid from the bottom to the top of the tower to ensure that the liquid circulates and maintains efficient purification.
  • Chemical addition: In order to improve the efficiency of exhaust gas treatment, it is sometimes necessary to add chemicals to the exhaust gas tower. The chemical pump can precisely deliver these chemicals to ensure the effective reaction and enhance the purification effect.
  • Scrubber Internal Cleaning: In order to maintain the normal operation of the exhaust gas tower, regular internal cleaning is required. Chemical pumps can be used to convey high-pressure water flow, remove the scale and clogging inside the tower, and guarantee the purification efficiency.

Selection of chemical pumps: Fine-tuning for Excellence

In scrubber applications, chemical pumps are selected based on the following factors to ensure that they work in tandem with the scrubber:

  • Media characteristics: according to the type of exhaust gas treated in the scrubber, select the chemical pump with suitable material, such as acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., to ensure its stable operation and service life.
  • Performance parameters: according to the treatment capacity and design requirements of the scrubber, select the chemical pump with suitable parameters such as flow rate and head, match the purification requirements and optimize the operation efficiency.
  • Operating environment: Considering the operating temperature, pressure and other environmental conditions of the scrubber, select the chemical pump that can work stably to ensure its continuous purification in the complex environment.

Application of vertical pumps in scrubbers

Vertical pumps are mainly used in the scrubber for circulating liquid transportation, chemical additives and internal cleaning of the exhaust gas tower. The compact construction of vertical pumps makes them suitable for installation in industrial environments where space is limited, such as near exhaust gas towers. In addition, the design of vertical pumps makes maintenance and overhaul relatively simple for operators to perform routine maintenance. When selecting a vertical pump, factors such as flow rate and head, chemical compatibility, and operating conditions should be considered to ensure the overall performance and reliability of the exhaust gas treatment system.

Magnetic pumps in scrubbers

Magnetic pumps are equally important in scrubber applications. They not only transport acid and alkali treatment fluids without leakage, but also help to recover organic solvents and improve solvent recovery efficiency. In addition, magnetic pumps can also be used for internal cleaning of exhaust gas towers, removing scale and clogging inside the tower by delivering cleaning fluids or special cleaning agents to keep the tower in optimal working condition.

QEEHUA PUMP: Striving for excellence, leading the field of chemical pumps

QEEHUA PUMP is an enterprise specializing in chemical pump research and development, manufacturing and sales, with many years of industry experience and leading technical strength, is committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-performance chemical pump products, contributing to the cause of environmental protection.

QEEHUA PUMP products cover a wide range of magnetic pumps, centrifugal pumps, vertical pumps, etc., which are widely used in the fields of chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, waste gas treatment, etc. With an attitude of excellence, we create high-quality chemical pumps to help industrial production be cleaner and more environmentally friendly.


The role of chemical pumps in the exhaust gas tower is crucial, they not only help us purify industrial exhaust gas and protect the environment, but also ensure the continuity and safety of industrial production. Vertical pumps and magnetic pumps have their own advantages and play an important role in different application scenarios. Selecting the right pump type requires comprehensive consideration of the characteristics and needs of the exhaust gas treatment system to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the system. Brands such as QEEHUA PUMP offer a wide range of pump options to meet the needs of different exhaust gas treatment systems.

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