QEEHUA PUMP’s Stunning Performance at ASIAWATER 2024


Kuala Lumpur, April 26, 2024 – The 13th ASIAWATER 2024 International Water Treatment Technology and Equipment Exhibition recently concluded after a four-day run in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This edition of the exhibition was themed “Water and Climate Change: Innovation for Resilience” and brought together leading water treatment companies from around the globe to jointly discuss sustainable utilization and development of water resources.


As a national high-tech enterprise focused on R&D and manufacturing of chemical pumps, QEEHUA PUMP made its presence felt at ASIAWATER 2024 by showcasing an array of high-performance chemical pump solutions. At the exhibition, QEEHUA PUMP’s thoughtfully designed booth attracted many professional visitors and potential customers from regions across Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East.

QEEHUA PUMP staff warmly welcomed all visitors, providing in-depth introductions to the company’s product features, application fields, and success stories. Customers unanimously recognized QEEHUA PUMP’s products for their excellent performance, reliable quality, and comprehensive services.

Notably, in handling corrosive fluids, QEEHUA PUMP offered reliable solutions through advanced technology and quality materials. In wastewater treatment, coating production lines, electroplating industries and more, our chemical pumps play vital roles in ensuring stable production processes.

ASIAWATER 2024Applications of Chemical Pumps Across Industries

Today as water resources grow increasingly scarce, chemical pumps perform indispensable functions across many industries including chemicals, environmental protection, food, and pharmaceuticals. QEEHUA PUMP’s chemical pump products are widely applied in wastewater treatment, coating production lines, electroplating industries and more, delivering efficient and reliable fluid handling solutions for customers.

Chemical Pumps in Wastewater Treatment

In wastewater treatment, chemical pumps play critical roles such as conveying various chemical agents, recycling treatment liquids, elevating/transferring wastewater, and transporting treated water or wastewater. As wastewater may contain corrosive substances like acids, alkalis or salts, QEEHUA PUMP’s chemical pumps demonstrate strong corrosion resistance to effectively address corrosive medium challenges in wastewater treatment processes, aiding water resource recycling.

Chemical Pumps in Coating Production Lines

Chemical pumps have very broad applications in coating production lines, mainly used for conveying various coatings, solvents, cleaning liquids as well as chemicals used in pre-treatment and post-treatment of coating processes. Chemicals used during coating processes are often corrosive. With corrosion-resistant materials, QEEHUA PUMP’s chemical pump bodies are ideal for transporting corrosive fluids and ensuring stable operation and quality control in coating production lines.

Chemical Pumps in Electroplating Industries

Applications of chemical pumps are especially critical in electroplating industries where they are mainly used for conveying electroplating tank solutions, recycling filtered electroplating solutions, transporting chemicals, acids and alkalis, cleaning liquids, and more. The corrosive components in electroplating solutions impose higher requirements for pump corrosion resistance. Leveraging excellent corrosion resistance and precise flow control, QEEHUA PUMP provides reliable fluid handling solutions for electroplating industries.

ASIAWATER 2024Outlook

QEEHUA PUMP will continue upholding the principles of “quality first, customer foremost”, innovating with the times to write new splendid chapters in the chemical pump industry. We will persist in understanding customer needs, enhancing product quality and service levels to create greater value for customers.

As a socially responsible enterprise, QEEHUA PUMP is committed to contributing to water resource protection and sustainable utilization while working with global partners to address climate change challenges, striving to build a brighter future.

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