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Guide to Selection of Vertical Chemical Pumps for Scrubbers: QEEHUA PUMP’s Solutions

Vertical Chemical Pumps

In industrial production processes, exhaust gas treatment is a key part of environmental protection. Wet scrubbers, as core equipment of exhaust gas treatment systems, can effectively remove pollutants from gas streams, including acidic, alkaline gases and dust and particulate matter. However, when selecting a suitable vertical chemical pump for the scrubbing tank, many factors must be considered, including the material, design type and specific process parameters of the chemical pump. Below is a selection guide to help you better choose the vertical pump suitable for your exhaust gas treatment system.

The Important Role of Vertical Chemical Pumps in Industrial Dust Removal

In wet scrubber exhaust gas treatment systems, vertical chemical pumps play a critical role by pumping scrubbing liquid from storage tanks to nozzles at the top of spraying towers, where it is uniformly sprayed into the gas stream to fully contact and absorb, neutralize, and remove pollutants. QEEHUA PUMP’s vertical pumps are widely used in exhaust gas treatment fields due to their compact design, high efficiency and easy maintenance.

Key Considerations for Vertical Pump Selection

Selecting a suitable vertical pump requires consideration of the following key factors:

  • Material of the chemical pump

Material selection is crucial as exhaust gas treatment involves an acid mist environment. We recommend choosing engineering plastics with excellent corrosion resistance over metals, as plastics can withstand harsh conditions better.

  • Design type

For vertical pumps, shaftless designs that run dry are preferable to avoid leakage issues from failed shaft seals, improving equipment stability and reliability.

  • Flowrate and head

Select the appropriate vertical pump model based on actual process parameters like flowrate and head. Generally, flowrates for vertical towers should reasonably match systems to ensure normal operation.

  • Installation method

Choose an installation method suitable for the specific scrubber system layout. Smaller pumps can be installed inside towers, while larger pumps are better mounted outside on brackets for support and safety.

Selection Example: A scrubber needs a vertical circulation pump. First, no matter the size, scrubbers need one thing: nozzles! Calculate the hourly flowrate based on nozzle diameter and number. For example: 5m tall scrubber, 2 levels, 20 nozzles per level, each at 2.5m3/h. Required vertical pump flowrate = 20 nozzles x 2.5 m3/h x 2 levels = 100 m3/h.

Scrubber vertical pump head = 5m tower height x 3 = 18m. This determines the pump model flowrate/head, material for medium/concentration/temperature, and installation method.

Proper vertical pump selection effectively improves system operation efficiency, stability and reduces failure rates and costs, creating greater economic and social benefits for customers. As a leading reliable chemical pump manufacturer with rich experience and advanced technology, QEEHUA PUMP provides high-quality products and professional technical support.

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