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QEEHUA PUMP Leads the Way in Fluid Transfer for Flow Battery Industry

Flow Battery Exhibition

With the accelerated pace of global energy structure transformation and upgrading, the new energy industry is booming, and as one of the important energy storage technologies, flow battery has gradually become the focus of attention of major battery manufacturers due to its advantages of high safety, long cycle life and controllable capacity, etc. In April, QEEHUA PUMP took the pulse of the industry and participated in two different regional energy storage exhibitions. In April, QEEHUA PUMP has grasped the pulse of the industry and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        participated in two new energy storage exhibitions in different regions without stopping, showcasing its latest solutions in the field of flow battery energy storage technology. QEEHUA PUMP, with its profound accumulation in the field of fluid conveying, brings innovative fluid conveying solutions to the flow battery industry, which can help the enterprises to realize a more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly energy storage system. environmentally friendly energy storage system.

At the exhibition, QEEHUA PUMP’s fluid transportation solution for flow battery attracted the attention of many professionals and enterprises. The solution is designed for the characteristics of liquid current electricity, such as low-noise, corrosion-resistant, energy-saving chemical pump products, which can effectively solve the problem of flow battery electrolyte conveying,, and provide a strong technical guarantee for the large-scale application of liquid current batteries.

QEEHUA PUMP’s Fluid Transport Solutions for Flow Battecries

Magnetic Pumps Flow BatteryQEEHUA PUMP’s fluid transfer solutions for flow batteries have the following significant advantages:

  • Corrosion resistance: The electrolyte in a flow battery is usually highly concentrated and corrosive, and the materials used in magnetic pumps are able to withstand the corrosion of these chemicals, thus protecting the pump from damage and extending its service life.
  • Leak-free design: Magnetic pumps use contactless magnetic drives without mechanical seals, thus eliminating the wear and tear of internal pump parts and the risk of electrolyte leakage, improving system safety and environmental protection.
  • Energy saving and high efficiency: The drive system of the magnetic pump is magnetically coupled, which reduces mechanical friction losses and improves the energy efficiency and efficiency of the pump.
  • Low noise operation: QEEHUA PUMP’s R&D team focuses on magnetic pump research and development, and through continuous improvement, the operation noise is low, which helps to improve the working environment.
  • Easy maintenance: The simple structure of the magnetic pumps and low maintenance requirements reduce maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Long-term stability: QEEHUA PUMP’s magnetic pumps are designed to ensure long-term stable operation, which is especially important for liquid flow battery systems that require continuous operation.
  • Adaptable: Magnetic pumps can be customized and adapted to meet the needs of different flow battery systems, such as all-vanadium flow batteries, zinc-bromine flow batteries, and so on.
  • Safety: The use of magnetic pumps reduces the safety risks that may arise from pump leakage, especially when handling corrosive or hazardous chemicals.

Magnetic Pumps Flow BatteryStraight from the show floor

At the two new energy storage exhibitions, QEEHUA PUMP’s booth attracted many professional visitors. Visitors showed great interest in QEEHUA PUMP’s solutions and were inundated with inquiries. Through in-depth communication with customers, QEEHUA PUMP’s technicians answered all kinds of questions about fluid transportation in liquid flow battery in detail and demonstrated the efficient performance of the equipment on the spot, which won the customers’ unanimous praise.

Market Response and Customer Recognition

QEEHUA PUMP’s fluid transfer solutions for Flow Batteries not only gained wide attention at the exhibition, but also won recognition in the market. Many companies in the battery manufacturing industry showed a strong intention to cooperate with QEEHUA PUMP’s solutions, and some customers even placed orders at the exhibition site. This phenomenon fully proves the technical strength and market potential of QEEHUA PUMP in the field of Flow battery energy storage.

Active market development by salesmen

In addition to the wonderful performance at the exhibition, QEEHUA PUMP’s salesmen are also actively exploring the market and constantly connecting with industrial customers. Through in-depth understanding of customers’ needs, QEEHUA PUMP provides customized fluid conveying solutions, which help customers solve practical problems, improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs.

QEEHUA PUMP’s Industry Contribution and Future Prospects

To summarize, QEEHUA PUMP’s deep cultivation in the field of flow battery energy storage technology not only brings innovative fluid transportation solutions to the industry, but also demonstrates its sense of responsibility and mission as an industry leader. As a new type of energy storage technology with a broad development prospect, QEEHUA PUMP will seize this great opportunity and continue to innovate and develop to provide more efficient and reliable fluid transportation solutions for the flow battery industry and contribute to the global energy transformation and upgrading.

In addition to the field of flow battery, QEEHUA PUMP is also actively expanding other applications of new energy, such as photovoltaic, wind power, hydrogen energy, etc. QEEHUA PUMP is committed to become a booster for the development of the new energy industry, and contribute to the construction of a new energy system that is clean, low-carbon and sustainable development!

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