Magnetic drive pump head: analysis of the influencing factors and selection points

Magnetic pump

Pumps play an extremely important role in many fields of industrial production and daily life, transporting liquids from one place to another. Magnetic pumps, with their advantages of zero leakage, corrosion resistance, and compact structure, have gradually become the leaders among many types of pump products. Today, we will do an in-depth exploration of the key performance indicator of magnetic drive pump lifting height, analyze the influencing factors, and provide selection advice to help you choose more suitable magnetic drive pump products.

What is magnetic drive pump head?

In short, the head of a magnetic drive pump is the energy required to lift the liquid from the suction end to the discharge end of a magnetic drive pump, usually expressed in meters of water column. In layman’s terms, it represents the maximum height at which a magnetic drive pump can move a liquid upward.

The Relationship Between Head and Flow Rate

magnetic drive pump head and flow rate is inversely proportional to the relationship, that is, the greater the flow rate, the lower the head; the smaller the flow rate, the higher the head. This is because the power of the magnetic drive pump is constant, when the flow rate increases, the energy allocated to the head will decrease, resulting in a decrease in head.

Factors affecting the head of magnetic pump

Magnetic pump head is affected by a variety of factors, mainly including the following aspects:

  • Impeller structure and material: Impeller is the core component of the magnetic drive pump, its structure and material directly affects the pump head. Generally speaking, the higher the number of vanes, the larger the diameter and the harder the material of the impeller, the higher the head can be realized.
  • Magnetic coupler efficiency: The magnetic coupler is responsible for transferring the power from the motor to the impeller, and its higher efficiency means less energy loss, which leads to higher head.
  • Pump body sealing performance: Good pump body sealing performance prevents liquid leakage, reduces energy loss, and thus increases the head.
  • Working conditions: The temperature, viscosity, specific gravity and other factors of the liquid will also affect the head of the magnetic pump. Generally speaking, the higher the temperature, viscosity and specific gravity of the liquid, the lower the head.

QEEHUA PUMP magnetic drive pump: high head, energy efficient

QEEHUA PUMP, as a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and manufacture of chemical pumps, is always committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-performance magnetic drive pump products. In terms of head, QEEHUA PUMP magnetic drive pump has the following advantages:

  • Optimized impeller design: According to different media and application requirements, QEEHUA PUMP has carefully designed a variety of impeller structures to maximize the efficiency of the pump head.
  • Using high-quality materials: QEEHUA PUMP selects high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials to manufacture impellers and magnetic couplers, ensuring long-term stable operation of components and efficient energy transfer.
  • Manufactured with exquisite craftsmanship: QEEHUA PUMP has advanced production technology and strict quality control system to ensure the precision manufacturing of the pump body and excellent sealing performance.


Magnetic pump head is one of the important considerations in the purchase of magnetic pumps. When choosing, you should fully understand the characteristics of the medium, working conditions and application requirements, and combine with your own budget to choose the product with matching head and flow rate and high efficiency.With its high head, high efficiency and energy saving, QEEHUA PUMP magnetic pumps can be widely used in the fields of chemical industry, pharmacy, foodstuffs, environmental protection and so on, to help your production and operation.

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