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What is a caustic soda pump?

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Caustic soda, also known as sodium hydroxide, is a profoundly corrosive compound that readily reacts with specific metals and alloys, including aluminum and carbon steel. When dealing with high-concentration sodium hydroxide solutions, preventing pump and equipment leaks becomes a matter of paramount concern. Caustic soda leaks can not only result in severe injuries to personnel but also inflict damage on the most robust of equipment.

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Sodium Hydroxide Pump Application Areas:

  1. Suitable for a wide range of applications including wastewater treatment, exhaust gas treatment, electroplating, coating, printed circuit board manufacturing, chemical plants, photovoltaics, dyeing and printing, semiconductor industry, and cleaning equipment.
  2. Designed for conveying liquids such as clean water, seawater, and chemical fluids with varying levels of acidity and alkalinity in the chemical engineering field.
  3. Compatible with chemical liquid filtration barrels of any model or specification. Ideal for pairing with filtration machines to transport media for efficient filtration processes.

Caution is necessary when handling sodium hydroxide, as it can potentially corrode certain plastics, metals, rubber, and coatings, and react with certain metals to produce explosive gases. Manufacturers and plant operators need to employ heavy-duty pumps for the safe conveyance of this chemical. However, not all pumps are suitable for this task. So, what type of pump do you believe should be used?


The key features of QEEHUA PUMP's caustic soda pump include

Specialized Corrosion-Resistant Pump Manufacturer

Corrosion-Resistant Materials

To prevent corrosion and pump failures, QEEHUA PUMP utilizes materials such as polypropylene, PTFE, PVDF, or ETFE linings. Hydroxide sodium can damage many materials.

Magnetic Drive Technology

Sealless magnetic drive pumps are highly suitable for caustic soda applications, with their sealless magnetic drive design eliminating the risk of leaks, mechanical seal costs, and harmful emissions.

High Efficiency

QEEHUA PUMP products are specifically designed for efficient and smooth operation, optimizing the transport of corrosive liquids while minimizing energy consumption to the maximum extent.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount when handling sodium hydroxide. Sealless mag drive pumps provide a safe solution by eliminating the risk of hazardous leaks.

High-Quality Performance

QEEHUA PUMP products are renowned for their high performance and reliability in various industrial applications, including caustic soda processing.

Reputable Manufacturer

QEEHUA PUMP is renowned for its durable products and high-quality service, boasting a strong reputation that is worthy of trust.

QEEHUA PUMP: Your Long-term Partner in the Corrosion-Resistant Chemical Pump Industry

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QEEHUA PUMP specializes in the research, development, production, and sales of magnetic pumps, vertical pumps, centrifugal pumps, and chemical filtration equipment. With certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, and SGS, they’ve built a reputation for quality. QEEHUA PUMP is committed to becoming a leading name in the chemical pump industry, offering top-tier products and excellent service.

With a strong pre-sales and after-sales engineer team, they serve a global customer base in industries like PCB, electroplating, semiconductors, chemical pharmaceuticals, food, wastewater treatment, and more. QEEHUA PUMP’s vision is to be an expert in the chemical fluid equipment field, and they have the technical expertise and service capabilities to back it up.

When you choose a sodium hydroxide pump, choose QEEHUA PUMP for reliability, quality, and safety.

Note: Handling sodium hydroxide requires extreme caution. Always follow safety guidelines and wear appropriate protective equipment.

As a leader in the field of sealless magnetic drive pump manufacturing, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of pumps for caustic soda applications, catering to your various operational needs.

We take pride in our dependable magnetic drive pump technology. This not only means that you’ll have access to cutting-edge technology, but also that your operations will be more efficient and reliable. No need to worry about leakage issues; we offer a durable and stable solution for your business.

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Sodium Hydroxide Pump of QEEHUA PUMP

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QHX Magnetic Pumps


Magnetic pumps are the ideal choice for handling corrosive substances like caustic soda. They utilize a sealless design, eliminating the potential leakage issues associated with traditional mechanical seals. This results in lower maintenance costs, reduced downtime, and minimized maintenance work.


As a corrosion-resistant pump manufacturer, QEEHUA PUMP selects materials for centrifugal pumps that are corrosion-resistant, ensuring their seals can withstand corrosive environments. The design of centrifugal pumps is typically suitable for high-flow and high-pressure applications.
QHG centrifugal pumps
Diaphragm pump series


Diaphragm pumps are an effective choice for handling caustic soda. These pumps use a diaphragm to separate fluids, eliminating the need for mechanical seals or rotating components, thus reducing the risk of leakage. With no mechanical seals, maintenance costs are relatively low, and downtime and maintenance work are minimized.

Questions about sodium hydroxide pump

What are the key characteristics of the materials required for caustic soda pumps?

Characteristics of Materials Required for Caustic Soda Pumps

Materials required for caustic soda pumps need to possess the following characteristics:

  • Corrosion Resistance: Due to caustic soda being a strong alkaline substance, the selected materials must withstand its corrosive effects and remain undamaged.
  • Chemical Inertness: Materials should exhibit chemical inertness, meaning they do not react chemically with caustic soda, ensuring pump stability and longevity.
  • Strength and Durability: Materials need to be sufficiently robust and durable to handle the stresses and wear during the transport and processing of caustic soda.
  • Non-Toxicity: If the pump is used in the food or pharmaceutical industry, materials should comply with hygiene standards and not release harmful substances.
  • High-Temperature Resistance: Materials should withstand high-temperature solutions of caustic soda to ensure pump stability in elevated temperature environments.
  • Insulating Properties: Materials should possess insulating properties to safeguard the electrical components of electric pumps from damage.

Typically, specific plastic materials such as polypropylene (PP) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) are widely used in the manufacturing of caustic soda pumps because they exhibit the aforementioned characteristics, effectively addressing the properties of caustic soda. When selecting materials, it is advisable to choose the most suitable based on specific operational conditions and requirements.

Why is a seal less magnetic drive pump the ideal choice for handling caustic soda?

There are several reasons why sealless magnetic drive pumps are considered the ideal choice for handling caustic soda:

  • Elimination of Leakage Risk: Sealless magnetic drive pumps operate on the principle of magnetic drive without mechanical seals, completely eliminating the risk of leaks. This is especially crucial when dealing with corrosive caustic soda, a hazardous chemical, ensuring the safety of both operators and equipment.
  • Leakage Cost Reduction: Traditional pumps typically require seal maintenance and replacement to prevent leaks, increasing operational costs. Sealless magnetic drive pumps eliminate these maintenance costs, reducing overall operating expenses.
  • No Harmful Emissions: Since there are no leaks, sealless magnetic drive pumps do not release harmful substances into the environment, contributing to environmental protection and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Safety: Operator safety is a top priority when handling caustic soda. Sealless magnetic drive pumps offer enhanced safety by minimizing the risks of hazardous leaks and personnel exposure.
  • Dry Run Capability: Some sealless magnetic drive pumps also have the ability to operate without liquid media, preventing pump failures and damage. This is particularly important for applications that require extended unsupervised operation.

In summary, sealless magnetic drive pumps offer multiple advantages when handling caustic soda, including safety, cost reduction, environmental friendliness, and reliability. These characteristics make them the ideal choice for handling caustic soda.


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