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Chemical Pump Filters and Vertical Pumps: Essential Assistants for Continuous Electroplating

Essential Assistants for Continuous Electroplating

Continuous plating is a highly efficient metal surface treatment process, widely used in the surface treatment of wires, tubes, strips and other products. In the continuous plating process, the cleanliness of the plating solution is critical to product quality. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the plating solution, chemical pump filters are needed to remove impurities in the plating solution.

QEEHUA PUMP: Chemical Pump Filter Manufacturer

QEEHUA PUMP, as a chemical pump filter manufacturer, provides not only pumps and filters, but also the key support for efficient and environmentally friendly production in the plating industry.

The important role of chemical pump filters

In the electroplating process, chemical pump filters are responsible for filtering the chemical solution, removing insoluble particles impurities and ensuring the purity of the plating solution.The electroplating filters supplied by QEEHUA PUMP press the impurity-containing potion water into the filter drum through the pump, and then filtered by the filter cartridge to get the high-precision and clean potion water, which can improve the quality of the plating products.

The Status of Vertical Pumps in Electroplating Industry

Vertical pumps also play a vital role, primarily used to transfer corrosive chemicals like acids, alkalis, flammables and toxics. QEEHUA PUMP vertical pumps are made from durable, corrosion-resistant materials like GFRPP, PPH and PVDF to safely and reliably convey various plating chemistries.

Selecting the Right Chemical Pump Filter

In continuous electroplating production lines, the selection of filters is crucial for ensuring the cleanliness of the plating solution and the quality of the plating layer. QEEHUA PUMP provides comprehensive selection services, selecting the most suitable pumps or filters for customers based on the composition, concentration, temperature of the solution, as well as customer requirements and applicable occasions.

QEEHUA PUMP: Your Trustworthy Partner

As a leading manufacturer of chemical pumps and chemical pump filters, QEEHUA PUMP is committed to providing customers with high quality products and services. Our chemical pump filters and vertical pumps not only enhance the quality of plating products, but also solve many problems in the industry, such as leakage, easy corrosion and slow heat dissipation through our core patented technology. Our products are recognized by more than 10,000 customers in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, which is the best proof of our products and services.

Choosing QEEHUA PUMP is choosing a trustworthy partner. We will continue to help the electroplating industry’s green development and efficient production with our innovative technology, reliable products and professional services.


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