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Sulphuric Acid Magnetic Drive Pumps: Key Technology for Wastewater Treatment

Sulfuric Acid Wastewater Treatment Magnetic Pumps

Wastewater treatment is an essential part of modern industry. Among various chemical agents used in the process, sulphuric acid is one of the most common. As an effective chemical for wastewater pH adjustment, solids removal, odor control and pathogen inactivation, sulphuric acid plays an important role in wastewater treatment. However, its strong corrosiveness poses very high requirements on pump design and materials. QEEHUA PUMP, as a leading manufacturer of sulphuric acid magnetic drive pumps, provides efficient, safe and environmentally friendly solutions for the global wastewater treatment industry with high-quality products and professional services.

Applications of Sulphuric Acid in Wastewater Treatment

  • Remove solids containing ferric chloride, polymers and alum.
  • Adjust wastewater pH to neutral through neutralization.
  • Control and prevent odorous gases in wastewater.
  • Disinfect and inactivate pathogens that may cause diseases.
  • Separate water and sludge chemically to facilitate sludge removal.

Significance of Sulphuric Acid Magnetic Drive Pumps

Sulphuric acid magnetic drive pumps are specially designed for handling sulphuric acid. They utilize magnetic drive to completely isolate the motor from the corrosive medium, effectively preventing leaks and environmental pollution. QEEHUA PUMP’s pumps feature a shaftless design that is corrosion resistant and leak-proof, suitable for various chemical solutions.

Wastewater Treatment Magnetic Pumps


  • Corrosion resistance: Overhaul parts are made of corrosion-resistant materials like FRP, stainless steel.
  • Leakproof: Shaftless design eliminates all leaks.
  • Low noise: Smooth operation and low noise.
  • Easy maintenance: Simple structure and convenient disassembly.

Selection of Sulphuric Acid Magnetic Drive Pumps The material is selected based on working temperature and chemical properties. For example, CFRPP is used at 75°C while PVDF is needed at 90°C. For concentrated sulphuric acid (>80%) at below 80°C, plastic pumps are more economical. Metal like stainless steel or fluoroplastic is needed for high temperature applications.

QEEHUA PUMP – Reliable Manufacturer

As a leading and reliable manufacturer of chemical pumps, QEEHUA PUMP is committed to providing customers with high-quality sulphuric acid magnetic drive pumps and filter feeders. With rich experience and advanced technology certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, SGS etc., our pumps are trusted and praised globally for applications like sulphuric acid, nitric acid, alkalis, methanol, ethanol in industries such as PCB, electroplating, coatings and semiconductors.

In conclusion, choosing the right sulphuric acid magnetic drive pump is crucial for wastewater treatment. With a full range of models, QEEHUA PUMP can select the suitable type to meet user requirements. Moreover, reliable after-sales support is offered to resolve any issues during use. QEEHUA PUMP sulphuric acid magnetic drive pumps are your best choice with professional manufacturing, high product quality, complete models and superior after-sales services.

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