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Meeting the challenges and opportunities, QEEHUA PUMP creates 2023 together

QEEHUA PUMP 2023 Groundbreaking Ceremony

On January 29th, 2023, QEEHUA PUMP ended its holiday and started to work. In the opening ceremony, Mr. Lai Qing Yi, the chairman of the board, made a speech and wished all the employees of QEEHUA PUMP a happy holiday, and hoped that they would do their best to work next. He said 2023 will be a year of challenges and opportunities. In the past three years, the epidemic has affected industry as a whole, and the market is not too optimistic. In these three years, although the sales performance has not been good and the company’s operation is under pressure, QEEHUA PUMP has been devoted to researching technology, polishing products and improving product quality in these three years. With the end of the epidemic and the recovery of the market, QEEHUA PUMP will welcome more customer inquiries and field visits, so it is both a challenge and an opportunity for QEEHUA PUMP, QEEHUA PUMP needs to grasp these opportunities, show our R&D achievements over the years, let customers know more about our manufacturing advantages, and deliver the best products to our customers.

Mr. Lai Qing YiAfter that, Elaine Zeng, CEO of QEEHUA PUMP, made a speech. This year is the Year of Rabbit in China, and rabbit gives the impression of gentle, peaceful and sensitive in China, which corresponds to the sensitivity in the culture of QEEHUA PUMP, hoping that the employees of QEEHUA PUMP are as sensitive, pure, kind, calm and beautiful as the rabbit, and move as hard as the rabbit, giving full play to their respective strengths, improving and upgrading constantly to improve the production efficiency and product quality.

Elaine Zeng

At the same time, we need to keep in mind the mission of QEEHUA PUMP – “let the world love Chinese pumps”, every chemical pump we produce, we must ensure its quality, so that customers all over the world recognize QEEHUA PUMP’s products and trust Made in China.


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