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How to correctly select and use chemical process pumps

Centrifugal Pump Series

According to Dr. Friedrich-Wilhelm Hennecke, moderator of the Pump Technology Forum, the most important thing for chemical process pumps in the chemical industry is availability, not low cost at the time of purchase. Mr. Josef Lehner of Gendorf Chemical Industry Park also confirmed this view in his report, saying that the primary task of chemical process pumps is to meet the task of pumping chemicals, process pump users value high pump availability and low maintenance costs.

Mr Lehner believes that a single type of process pump can’t meet the requirements of various process pumping tasks, so users often choose process pump products with high specifications or models larger than the actual needs. If there is a process pump in the middle with less specifications, it will be regarded as a design error. According to this mode of thinking, the best solution is the one with specifications larger than the actual needs. Mr Lehner thinks that this is a logic error, which will increase the failure rate of the process pump, because the cavitation of the process pump will be aggravated under partial load conditions.

Chemical process pumps daily attention

When the chemical process pump fails, it may not only be the problem of the process pump, but also the damage of the chemical process pump caused by improper operation or the design error of material corrosion resistance. The professor of the Department of Fluid Mechanics suggested to the users of process pumps: always consider the questions from the perspective of process technology to find the answers, and always listen to the sound of the process pumps during operation. “If its sound is too high, it is a protest against the current usage.”

Chemical process pumps effective maintenance methods

Gendorf industrial park method is considered to be effective, in the chemical process pump next to the establishment of signs, signs clearly written on the process pump start-up, shutdown when each operation steps. At the same time, you can create a fault record for each chemical process pump, in which the fault record clearly records all maintenance and overhaul of the pump. It will quickly tell you whether the process pump you have chosen is suitable.

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