QEEHUA PUMP: Commitment to Exceptional Customer Service

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In the highly competitive market of chemical pumps and filtration machines, QEEHUA PUMP, a specialized technological enterprise dedicated to developing and manufacturing corrosion-resistant chemical pumps and filtration machines, places customer service as a top priority. With a diverse product range and a commitment to quality, QEEHUA PUMP has rapidly grown, gained international recognition, and is dedicated to providing cost-effective products and top-tier service.

What Sets QEEHUA PUMP Apart

Professional Service Team

QEEHUA PUMP not only maintains excellence in product quality but also excels in customer service. The company boasts a team of professional pre-sales and after-sales engineers and an experienced research and development team. They understand the customers’ needs and provide tailor-made solutions. Whether it’s product selection, installation, maintenance, or troubleshooting, QEEHUA PUMP’s service team responds promptly to ensure customers’ needs are met.

Closer Customer Engagement

QEEHUA PUMP not only wins customers over with product quality and professional service but also establishes deeper connections through close interaction with customers. New employees learn about product structures through on-site production and accompany experienced sales personnel on customer visits to understand their requirements, further bridging the gap between the company and its customers. This close understanding of customer needs allows QEEHUA PUMP to better meet customer expectations, providing products and services that align with their requirements.

Diverse Product Offerings

QEEHUA PUMP’s diverse product range strengthens its commitment to customer service. Its core products include corrosion-resistant magnetic pumps, mechanical seal centrifugal pumps, dry-running vertical pumps, electroplating filters, metering pumps, diaphragm pumps, and more. These products find wide applications in various industries such as PCB manufacturing, LED production, surface treatment, and environmental protection. The company’s acid and alkali pumps are in high demand in industries like photovoltaic solar energy, liquid flow storage, and semiconductors.

Successful History

QEEHUA PUMP’s journey in the industry attests to its success. The company was founded by an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience. Their products have been chosen by many renowned companies, demonstrating their reliability and quality. The company expanded its scope of business, not only providing pumps but also filtration and conveyance solutions. Their customer base has grown to over 13,000 clients across 30 countries/regions.

Comprehensive Quality and Technological Upgrades

The company has a rigorous research and development, production, and quality control system and actively participates in industry, academic, and research collaborations. QEEHUA PUMP has been dedicated to providing outstanding product quality. The company possesses a strict research and development, production, and quality control system and actively engages in industry-academia-research collaboration. They hold certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, SGS, and possess over 30 patents, including 2 invention patents. This means customers can buy with confidence, knowing they are getting products subjected to strict quality control.

Professional pre-sales and after-sales engineers, along with an experienced research and development team, enable QEEHUA PUMP to control quality throughout the product’s lifecycle. This encompasses everything from project assessment, solution design, motor matching, to mold development, injection molding, processing, assembly, testing, product inspection, packaging, and logistics. This ensures efficient, energy-saving, and long-lasting products, placing QEEHUA PUMP at the forefront of the industry. Their overall quality control approach is the cornerstone of exceptional customer service.

Guided by Customers, Focused on Quality

QEEHUA PUMP’s unwavering dedication to customer service sets it apart in the industry. The company acknowledges that understanding customer needs is a prerequisite for providing valuable solutions. They offer a diverse product range designed to cater to a wide range of industry needs. What truly sets QEEHUA PUMP apart is its commitment to quality. While expanding the sales team, the company continuously regulates the internal production team. Through on-site inspections and the establishment of comprehensive management forms, the company ensures product quality and traceability. These actions demonstrate that QEEHUA PUMP’s commitment to customers isn’t just lip service; it’s reflected in their actions.


QEEHUA PUMP is not only a technology-driven enterprise but also a company wholeheartedly dedicated to serving its customers. Its commitment to product quality, professional service team, and close interaction with customers have made it a standout in the industry. By continually enhancing product quality and meeting customer needs, QEEHUA PUMP has achieved remarkable success and will continue to provide exceptional products and services to customers, heading towards a brighter future.

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