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3 Tips for Pumping Corrosive Fluids

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In industrial production, pumping corrosive liquid, dangerous fluid or irritating chemicals faces many challenges. Corrosive liquids can degrade, damage or even destroy specific pump system components.

When pumping corrosive liquids, several problems are often encountered.

First, you want equipment that can be damaged by corrosion, which can lead to loss of performance and potential system failure and downtime. Second, system maintenance is caused by corroded or worn components such as bearings, seals, piping and impellers. Finally, you have to worry about hazardous fluid leaks.

So, how do you manage the corrosive liquid in the pump system? Here are some good tips:

Understand fluid characteristics

It is always important to know the liquids and materials that you pass through pump systems, pipes and wells. All chemicals, hazardous materials and corrosive liquids have specific characteristics that you should be familiar with. Most importantly, you should understand how liquids affect your equipment and individual components, including proper flow rate, pressure, temperature, acidity, corrosiveness and other key factors.

Selecting the right pump

Next, choose the best pump for application and processing materials. Whether it is chemicals or other corrosive or abrasive things, many different types of pumps can be used. Some are better at dealing with complex fluids than others. By knowing your specific application and the liquid pump, you can choose the right pump for your job.

Pump material

Choosing the ideal pump is only one step. Many pumps and their components can also be customized or made of specific materials. Some materials may be better resistant to corrosion, acidity and wear. You will look at the pump casing, impeller, mechanical seal, bearing and each individual component.

Choosing the right pump body material to withstand the harsh effects of corrosive fluids helps your equipment run more efficiently, last longer, and require less maintenance. If seals and impellers don’t need to be replaced as often, you can ultimately save even more money.

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