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QEEHUA appeared at the 13th International Exhibition of Surface Treatment, Electroplating and Coating in 2019.

QEEHUA appeared at the 13th International Exhibition of Surface Treatment

The International Surface Treatment Exhibition 2019 was held on May 21-23, 2019 at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo, with exhibitors from 296 surface treatment suppliers worldwide, covering a wide range of areas such as pre-treatment, painting, electroplating, coating, rust prevention, engineering, inspection, and surface processing.

As a powerful manufacturer in the chemical pump industry, QEEHUA participated in this exhibition with its own magnetic pumps, vertical pumps, centrifugal pumps, precision filters and other products. Many customers were interested in QEEHUA pumps at the exhibition and many customers sent their cooperation intention to QEEHUA on the spot.

Customer inquiries about QEEHUA pumps

Customer inquiries about QEEHUA pumps


With years of dedicated technical accumulation, QEHUA pumps have gained a reputation in the anti-corrosion pump industry, and QEHUA has stepped up to the world. At this exhibition, customers from Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea and other countries came to consult QEHUA related cooperation matters, and left contact information with each other, laying a solid foundation for follow-up cooperation.


From obscurity to now, many customers come to consult, which stems from QEEHUA’s research and development of chemical pump technology for many years, with the mission of “making the world fall in love with Chinese pumps” to supply customers with high-quality chemical pumps.

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