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QEEHUA PUMP Sales Team Department Meeting: Working Together for Greater Success

Departmental group photo

At the recent QEEHUA PUMP sales team department meeting, several exciting announcements were made. Three new members have joined the team to support sales efforts from technical documentation to customer service, aiming to achieve higher sales targets.

CEO Elaine reviewed past achievements, acknowledging the team’s efforts and contributions. Customer visits to the factory have strengthened trust and showcased the company’s technical expertise and strong corporate culture.

Each team member has been leveraging their strengths to add value to the company. Sales representatives excelled in customer communication, resolving technical issues and gaining trust, while marketing personnel successfully attracted potential customers through online promotions.

The meeting emphasized the importance of upholding QEEHUA’s culture of “customer-focused service.” Employees are encouraged to understand customer needs and provide personalized solutions, striving for excellence in every detail.

Team members were also encouraged to challenge themselves, enhance their skills, and grow professionally. Sales manager Zhang Wei shared his journey from a newcomer to a team leader, highlighting the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement.

Finally, company leaders outlined the sales goals and tasks for the second half of the year. With collective efforts, QEEHUA PUMP aims for a brighter future, urging every employee to pursue their dreams and contribute to both personal and company growth.

Let’s work together, aim higher, and embrace a promising future for QEEHUA PUMP!

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