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QEEHUA PUMP: Secure Application of Magnetic Drive Pumps

Corrosion-resistant magnetic pumps

In the chemical industry, handling toxic or hazardous process fluids is a critical task, and selecting the appropriate pump equipment for such applications is crucial. QEEHUA PUMP, as a leading and reliable manufacturer of chemical pumps and filters, offers products such as magnetic drive pumps, providing efficient, safe, and reliable solutions for handling these challenging process fluids.

Advantages of Magnetic Drive Pumps

Leak-Free Design

Magnetic drive pumps utilize magnetic coupling technology to drive the pump shaft and impeller through magnets, completely eliminating the physical connections and dynamic seals present in traditional pumps. This design ensures the pump’s complete seal, thereby achieving leak-free operation. This leak-free design is particularly important for handling hazardous and corrosive media, effectively preventing the leakage of harmful substances and ensuring workplace safety and environmental protection.

Handling Various Hazardous Fluids

Magnetic drive pumps can handle a variety of hazardous fluids, including toxic chemicals, corrosive liquids, flammable fluids, and volatile organic compounds. Their design and performance make them suitable for handling various challenging media in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Additionally, magnetic drive pumps can also be used to transport fluid containing solid particles, depending on the nature of the transported media and particles.

QEEHUA PUMP’s Products and Services

High-Quality Products

QEEHUA PUMP’s magnetic drive pumps utilize advanced design and manufacturing processes, ensuring high quality and reliability. Through strict quality control and testing, the products meet customer requirements and can operate stably in harsh working environments.

Customized Services

QEEHUA PUMP understands the transportation requirements and concerns of various industries’ chemical fluids and can provide personalized pump selection solutions for customers. With multiple core patented technologies, the company can customize high-performance, high-reliability products according to customer-specific requirements.

Professional Technical Support

QEEHUA PUMP has a team of high-quality pre-sales and after-sales engineers who can provide timely technical support and after-sales service to customers. Whether it’s product selection, installation, commissioning, or daily maintenance, the company can provide professional guidance and assistance to ensure the long-term stable operation of equipment.


Magnetic drive pumps, with their unique leak-free design and high safety, have become the ideal choice for handling toxic or hazardous process fluids. QEEHUA PUMP, as a leading manufacturer of chemical pumps, is committed to providing customers with high-quality, reliable products and services, contributing to the development and safety of the chemical industry.

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