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QEEHUA Pump Marketing Center was established

Marketing Center

September 10th, 2019 is a good day! All our family members gathered at the marketing center to witness the milestone highlight of the opening of the marketing center.

Marketing Center CEOFounder of QEEHUA PUMP
Zeng Qinglian, deputy general manager, said that Qihua has taken the most practical entity road! Our founder, Mr. Lai Qingyi, has been steadily growing and intensively working in this industry for 20 years. What is even more rare is that, under various pressures in the early stage of starting a business, for eight years, he insisted on making products first and then pushing them onto the market!Never let unqualified products smash your own brand! Insist on solving problems for customers, continuously upgrading products and technologies, and let customers buy the most cost-effective chemical pumps and filters! In order to adhere to these principles, we lacked many customers and markets. Although we didn’t walk as fast as our peers along the way, we walked steadily, and we practiced our internal strength for nearly ten years. Today, we finally went to the market with confidence to meet various market demands, challenge various customer problems and experience the whole marketing road! I believe that as long as every member of our rising star, do not forget your initiative mind, persists in solving customers’ problems, allowing customers to enjoy the most cost-effective products and services, and doing every big and small thing every day in a down-to-earth manner, our rising star in China will surely become a powerful new force! Be sure to endorse our Chinese pump! Can realize the great national dream of “making the world fall in love with Chinese pump”!

Friends of China, come on! Partners of China Enterprise Marketing Center, set sail!

QEEHUA PUMP Marketing Center

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