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Flying Against the Wind, Reproducing Brilliance – Guangdong QEEHUA Headquarters Upgrade

New factory opened

Ten years of sword-fire quenching April Fangfei day

After ten years of accumulation, adhering to independent research and development and production, adhering to the enterprise tenet of “concentrate on making a good pump and serving you with your heart”, and with the spirit of Chinese craftsmen, QEEHUA pump industry has been unanimously recognized by domestic customers.


In 2018, QEEHUA entered overseas with years of technical experience.

Under the challenge of Chinese manufacturing in overseas markets, we take the initiative to shoulder the national mission of “making the world fall in love with Chinese pumps”, and are determined to rank among the world’s first-class levels in technology and strive for the “post-retail” direction in quality!

Market expansion and enterprise upgrading

The continuous development of the market, the trust of customers, and the fulfillment of responsibilities and missions require continuous research and development of technology, continuous improvement of quality, more refined management and more advanced equipment.

The upgrading of Chinese enterprises is imminent.

Since 2019, while greatly increasing R&D investment, Qihua has started to build new production lines and headquarters bases, and plans to build a new type of headquarters that integrates functions such as headquarters office, digital exhibition hall, distribution model, online live broadcast, dust-free integrated production and assembly, and officially started construction in March.

Completion of new industrial base

After two months of careful construction and decoration, at 8: 00 on April 28, 2020, with the upgrading of the headquarters of Guangdong Qihua and the opening ceremony of the new factory in Dongguan, Guangdong, the mysterious veil of the new home of Qihua Pump Industry was finally unveiled!

High-tech enterprises

Tonghe Oriental

Internship Sites

During the epidemic, the customers and suppliers were not disturbed, but we invited the expert consultant team and Tzu Chi Charity Foundation and other partners who have always supported us to witness this grand ceremony together with all the Chinese enterprises. At the same time, we established the cooperation base between Guangdong Qihua and Guangzhou Vocational and Technical College in Industry-University-Research, Tonghe Oriental Dongguan Learning Base, Lihu Academy Dongguan Training Center and Qigang Family Education and Learning Base, which proved the values and strong sense of social responsibility of Qihua as a happy model of experts and enterprises in the chemical pump industry to all sectors of society.

The future is promising

China’s past ten years have been a decade of deep cultivation of products.

The next ten years will be a decade of continuously researching and developing new technologies and new products, while improving brand influence and expanding the market!

It is a decade of resource sharing and development! Let the world fall in love with Chinese pumps, and let the world fall in love with Chinese made!


With the help of the Internet, industrial chain, people-oriented, technology-centered, and strategic alliance partners as wings, we should explore a win-win development path through cooperation! Use the power of the industrial chain to fight for the international market together! Achieve the national dream together!

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