Choosing the Right Pump for Sulfuric Acid Transfer

Sulfuric acid is a highly corrosive and highly reactive chemical, when transferring sulfuric acid, it is necessary to choose the right pump to ensure that the work is done safely and reliably. QEEHUA PUMP is a leading and reliable manufacturer of chemical pumps and chemical pump filters, whose magnetic drive pumps adopt the advanced “internal magnetic encapsulated one-piece injection molding” technology, with the advantages of no leakage, safety, corrosion resistance, etc. It is the ideal choice for transferring sulfuric acid. QEEHUA PUMP is a leading and reliable manufacturer of chemical pumps and chemical pump strainers.

Surface treatment equipment

QEEHUA PUMP Promotes Development of Advanced Surface Treatment Chemicals Market

QEEHUA PUMP is a leading manufacturer of chemical pumps and chemical pump filters with a number of patented technologies to solve the problems of leakage, corrosion, slow heat dissipation, cracking, bubbling and damage of chemical pumps. QEEHUA PUMP is committed to providing efficient, reliable and safe chemical pump solutions for the advanced surface treatment chemicals market, and helping industry to develop.

Sold abroad

QEEHUA PUMP: Redefining Excellence in Corrosion-Resistant Pumps

Cutting-edge enterprise specializing in corrosion-resistant pumps, QEEHUA PUMP, led by a seasoned industry veteran, is globally acclaimed for its systematic technological expertise. With a footprint in 35 countries, it stands out in acid-resistant pumps, gaining international recognition for quality, standardized workflows, and a commitment to craftsmanship spirit. The company’s dedication ensures consistent product reliability, making it a leader in innovation and customer satisfaction.