Corporate Culture

QEEHUA PUMP: Building an Excellent Corporate Culture with Integrity, Sensitivity, Harmony, Dedication and Gratitude

This article explores QEEHUA PUMP’s corporate culture, highlighting the core values of “integrity, sensitivity, harmony, dedication, and gratitude.” Through a real-life customer project example, the article demonstrates how these values translate into efficient collaboration across departments to meet customer needs and deliver exceptional service.

Exhaust gas tower

Deciphering the Role of Chemical Pumps in scrubber: Achieving Excellence in Purification

Industrial development accompanied by exhaust emissions, once like rolling smoke, obscuring the blue sky and white clouds, threatening human health. Exhaust tower came into being, in the exhaust tower behind the efficient operation of the chemical pump plays an indispensable role in conveying the liquid, and harmful substances in the exhaust gas silent battle, concerted purification of the industrial voice, create a clean sky future.