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Understanding Plastic Plating:Process and Benefits

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Plastic plating is a process that involves covering the surface of plastic with a thin layer of metal or alloy. The purpose of plastic plating is not only to enhance the beauty of the product, but also to improve its physical and chemical properties. The process involves using electrolysis to attach a metal film on the surface of the parts, which can prevent metal oxidation, improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflectivity, corrosion resistance and aesthetics.

The Plastic Plating Process

In the plastic plating process, the plated metal or other insoluble material acts as the anode, while the workpiece to be plated is called the cathode. The cations of the plated metal are reduced on the surface of the workpiece to form the plating. To ensure the plating layer is uniform and solid, a plating solution containing the plating metal cations is used. The concentration of the plating metal cations must be kept constant to exclude the interference of other cations.

Benefits of Plastic Plating

Compared with metal parts, plastic plating offers several advantages. Plastic plating not only achieves a good metallic texture, but also reduces the weight of the product. It can effectively improve the appearance and decorative properties of plastic, as well as its electrical, thermal, and corrosion resistance. Plastic plating is widely used in electronics, automobiles, household products, and other industries.

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