Chemical Pump Encyclopedia

One of the raw materials for QEEHUA PUMP chemical pumps: ETFE


Are you looking for reliable and corrosion-resistant material for your industry? Ethylene-co-polytetrafluoroethylene polymer (ETFE) is the right choice for you.

ETFE is a copolymer that was discovered in the 1940s and has been in production since the 1970s. It is known for its toughness, high mechanical strength and excellent thermal and electrical properties. ETFE is also highly resistant to chemicals and has a working temperature range of -200°C to 150°C.

ETFE has significantly improved processing properties, unlike polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), making it easier to mould and shape. It also has excellent adhesion to metal surfaces, enabling tight lining processes, such as the production of fluoroplastic ETFE rotary liners.

ETFE is less dense than PTFE and FEP, but has higher toughness, hardness, tensile strength, creep resistance and impact properties, making it ideal for industries requiring reliable, lightweight and corrosion resistant materials.

At QEEHUA PUMP, we understand the importance of using corrosion-resistant materials in the transfer and circulation of corrosive liquids. That’s why we use PVDF or ETFE to manufacture our chemical pumps. Our magnetic pumps are perfect for a wide range of industries such as electroplating, PCB, photovoltaic, semiconductor, and more.

Invest in the durability and reliability of ETFE for your industry needs. Contact QEEHUA PUMP today to learn more about our corrosion-resistant chemical pumps.