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Magnetic pump applications: Chemical tank trailers

Application examples of magnetic pumps

QEEHUA PUMP offers top quality industrial pumps designed to handle hazardous and dangerous liquids safely and effectively. The company has a proven track record of providing reliable and effective pumping solutions for a variety of industries, including petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and semiconductors.

An application for QEEHUA PUMP is the unloading of chemical storage tank trailers and chemical trailers containing corrosive liquids such as acids/alkalis and toxic chemicals. The company offers two possible solutions for this application: installing a pump for each tank or mounting the pump directly on the vehicle. QEEHUA PUMP’s pumping solutions are selected based on chemical compatibility and the performance required to safely unload and transfer hazardous liquids.

QEEHUA PUMP’s magnetic pumps are installed on transport vehicles and participate in the unloading process, allowing direct and safe transfer of liquids, ensuring fast execution and a constant flow rate without risk of leakage or discharge. For this application, QEEHUA PUMP recommends the magnetic drive centrifugal pump range QHX FRPP/CFRETFE, which is designed for safe installation on land and in vehicles.

Liquids commonly involved in such applications include ammonia, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide. QEEHUA PUMP’s chemical pumps are suitable for unloading the most dangerous or hazardous cargoes.

QHX Magnetic Pumps

Magnetic pumps for chemical tank trailers

The QEEHUA PUMP magnetic pump performs extremely well, ensuring consistent flow rates and the safe transfer of hazardous chemicals. The pump’s magnetic drive design provides additional safety and eliminates the risk of leakage or discharge during discharge.

How can I avoid the risk of running the magnetic pump dry during the unloading of chemical and acid tank trailers?

In order to prevent damage to the pump due to lack of liquid, QEEHUA PUMP offers a “triple prevention” protection device. This device is designed to prevent damage to the magnetic pump due to lack of liquid (idle) / overload / phase loss and is particularly recommended for use during unloading operations of chemical liquid transport trailers and in all applications where there is a risk of liquid shortage.

Choosing QEEHUA PUMP’s industrial pumps enables customers to unload fluids with maximum efficiency, while ensuring safety and reliability. The company’s top-of-the-range pumps also help customers save money on maintenance and spare parts, making them a cost-effective solution for fluid handling needs.