Live beautifully, realize your value

Womens Day

On the International Women’s Day, QEEHUA PUMP thoughtfully prepared an exclusive activity for female employees of the company called “Live Beautiful, Realize Your Value”. During the event, female employees of QEEHUA PUMP used Chinese traditional culture – calligraphy and palace fan painting to show the beauty of female flexibility.

Brush calligraphy is a beautiful and artistic form of writing that has been practiced for centuries, and women have played an important role in its development and popularity. The lightness and softness of brush calligraphy is just as feminine as the softness of women.

Brush Calligraphy

Palace fan painting is a unique and intricate art form that has a rich history in China, and women have played a significant role in its development and popularity. In the past, it was considered a pastime for noblewomen who would spend hours perfecting their skills and creating beautiful works of art.

Palace fan depiction Over time, the art form became more widely known and appreciated, and women continued to play an important role in its evolution. Today, female artists continue to create stunning fan paintings that capture the beauty and essence of Chinese culture. Whether depicting landscapes, birds, or other subjects, Palace fan painting remains an enduring art form that celebrates the creativity and talent of women.