Chemical vertical pump

Decoding Vibration Issues of Vertical Chemical Pumps: Key Factors for Stable Operation

Chemical vertical pump is an important fluid transfer equipment in chemical industry, widely used in transferring corrosive liquids, high temperature and high pressure liquids, flammable and explosive liquids and so on. However, vibration problem is one of the common failures of chemical vertical pumps, which will have a serious impact on the performance, life and safety of the pump.

Flowing corrosive liquid

Tin Plating Technology and Its Application of Chemical Pumps

Tin plating, the deposition of a layer of tin on the surface of a metallic substrate to enhance its corrosion resistance, solderability, and aesthetics. QEEHUA PUMP’s expertise in chemical fluid transfer is unmatched, allowing it to provide customized pump selection solutions for the unique requirements of tin plating applications.