Fluorine plastic magnetic pump QBF series

Material: FEP

Power: 1.1~55Kw

Frequency: 50Hz

Max.flow: 3420 L/min;

Max.head: 61 m


QBF series magnetic drive pump is a fluorine plastic magnetic pump.
The fluorine lined magnetic pump leak-proof design eliminates the shaft seal and uses magnetic coupling to drive indirectly, which completely eliminates the trouble of dripping and never pollutes the use site. The overflow part of the pump is made of “fluorine plastic alloy”. It can continuously transport corrosive mediums such as acid, alkali and strong oxidizer of any concentration without any damage.


MD series model parameter list

Model Bore Maximum flow (m3/H) Maximum head(m) ElectricMotor weight
In (mm) Out (mm) 50HZ 50HZ Power(KW) Voltage(V) (kg)
QBF32-20-125 32 20 3.6 20 1.1 380 40
QBF32-20-160 32 20 3.6 32 2.2 380 60
QBF125-100-160 125 100 120 32 30 380 630
QBF125-100-200 125 100 120 50 55 380 750

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