MD series Magnetic pump split structure | sealless magnetic drive pumps


Power: 6W, 10W, 20W, 45W, 65W, 90W, 180, 260W

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Max.flow: 50HZ:77 L/min;  60HZ:79 L/min

Max.head: 50HZ:10m; 60HZ:10.8m


MD series split type magnetic pump is a small seal-less magnetic drive pump, which can choose suitable pump head material according to the acidity and alkalinity of chemical solution.
CFRPP is suitable for weak acid and alkali below 80℃.
PVDF is suitable for strong acid and alkali below 100℃.
CFRETFE is suitable for strong acid and alkali with temperature less than 150℃.


1. A variety of connection modes of front cover inlet and outlet are available;
2. Special sealing O-ring brings excellent sealing effect;
3. Impeller deflection is lower than 0.2mm;
4. Passive magnets and plastic shells are injection molded at one time to ensure that there is no
penetration forever.
5. The shaft core is made of 99% alumina and SSIC material;
6. The connection between the motor and the pump head is a plastic injection molding integrated
structure, which can prevent the corrosion of the connection caused by the leakage of acid and
alkali gas and liquid;
7. The surface of drive magnet adopts resin paint baking, with better corrosion resistance.
After dynamic balance test, the vibration of drive magnet is lower than 2.0mm/s;
8. The motor adopts international brand, with stable performance and ultra-quiet operation.


MD series model parameter list

Model Bore Maximum flow (L/min) Maximum head(m) ElectricMotor weight
In (mm) Out (mm) 50HZ 60HZ 50HZ 60HZ Power(W) Voltage(V)
MD-200 14 14 11 12 1.5 2.1 6 220 0.87
MD-201 16 16 16 19 2.4 3.4 10 220 1.53
MD-202 18 18 27 31 3.1 4.3 20 220 2.1
MD-203 20 20 32 38 3.8 5.4 45 220 3.4
MD-204 20 20 45 52 4.6 6.5 65 220 4.3
MD-255 26 26 53 55 5.3 7.6 120 220/380 5.6
MD-257 26 26 55 62 7 9.3 180 220/380 5.5
MD-258 26 26 100 102 8.6 10.8 260 220/380 6.8

Questions and answers about one-piece structure magnetic pump

How do magnetic drive pumps work ?

Where to use magnetic drive pumps ?

Magnetic drive pump has compact structure, beautiful appearance, small volume, low noise, reliable operation and easy to use and maintain.
Can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, electric power, national defense industry and other units pumping acid, alkali liquid, oil, rare and precious liquid, toxic liquid, volatile liquid, a variety of corrosive liquid and circulating water equipment supporting, filter machine supporting, suitable for various industries in the process of conveying a certain lubricity of fluid without solid particles and fibers.