Best VA series Pneumatic diaphragm pumps suppliers in China


Diaphragm pump, also known as pneumatic diaphragm pump or pneumatic double diaphragm pump (Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump). Reciprocating pump, with an elastic membrane, corrosion-resistant rubber or flexible metal sheet will be separated into two parts of the pump are not in contact with each other, respectively, the liquid being conveyed and the area where the live column exists. In this way, the live column is not in contact with the transported liquid. The reciprocating motion of the live column is transferred to the diaphragm through the medium on the same side, so that the diaphragm also reciprocates, thus realizing the liquid to be conveyed through the spherical valve inhalation and discharge. The only part of the diaphragm pump in contact with the transported liquid is the spherical valve, which is easy to make the form of the liquid is not infringed.

Air-operated diaphragm pumps are volumetric pumps that transfer liquids in wet commercial pumping applications. They operate on compressed air and move slurries, solvents and other high viscosity liquids.




1、Oil-free air pressure chamber, lubrication-free

2、The air pressure chamber adopts ceramic valve with high wear resistance

3, air pressure, slow speed operation, never stuck machine

4、The center shaft is made of stainless steel, wear-resistant, long diaphragm life

5, suitable for high pollution occasions

6、Aluminum alloy material with anodized treatment

7、Low number of parts, easy to assemble

8、Strong self-priming ability



Product Specifications:

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