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QEEHUA PUMP: Trusted and Leading Manufacturer of Chemical Pumps and Chemical Filters

QEEHUA PUMP Product Series

QEEHUA PUMP is a leading and trusted manufacturer of chemical pumps and chemical filters, dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality products and excellent service to customers worldwide.

Main Products:

  • Magnetic pumps: leakage-free, corrosion-resistant, energy efficient, widely used in PCB, electroplating, semiconductor, solar energy and other industries.
  • Mechanical seal centrifugal pump: compact structure, stable operation, easy maintenance, suitable for conveying various chemical media.
  • Vertical pump: small footprint, easy to install, adaptable, meet the needs of different working conditions.
  • Chemical filter: high precision, high efficiency, long service life, effectively removing impurities in the liquid.
  • Diaphragm pump: small volume, light weight, corrosion resistance, high efficiency and energy saving.
  • Metering pump: high precision, stable flow, no leakage.

Product Advantage:

  • Leading technology: with a number of core patents, the product performance is at the forefront of the industry.
  • Trustworthy quality: strict implementation of ISO9001 quality management system, 100% quality inspection of the whole process.
  • Value for money: Provide high quality products at reasonable prices to create maximum value for customers.
  • Quality service: Experienced team of engineers provide comprehensive pre-sales, sales and after-sales service.

Magnetic Pump

Centrifugal Pump

Vertical Pump

Chemical Filter

Diaphragm Pump

Metering Pump

QEEHUA PUMP products have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, winning the trust and recognition of many customers. We look forward to working with you to create a brilliant future!

Trustworthy chemical pump and chemical pump filter manufacturer in China

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As a distributor for our chemical pumps and equipment, you'll have access to the resources, support, and competitive pricing structure that has helped many of our partners achieve exponential revenue growth. Partner with us to leverage industry-leading technology, optimize operations and sales processes, and capture more customers in your market than ever before. Join our success story today!

Strength Through Our Brand, Growth Together

Our Well-Established Brand and Reputation Provide a Strong Foundation for Your Success

As a leading force in the chemical pumps industry for decades, QEEHUA PUMP has developed a brand that is universally recognized for quality and reliability. Customers rely on our name as a symbol they can trust.

This strong brand reputation serves as the foundation for the success of our distributor partners. By joining our network, you gain the full support of a market-leading name. We provide comprehensive branding support including marketing collateral, brand identification assets, and targeted advertising strategies.

Leveraging the power of our recognized brand will help you penetrate new markets quickly. Customers already familiar with the quality and service we deliver will welcome you representing our solutions. With the brand strength and support resources only we can provide, you’ll be well-positioned to grow your business and maximize opportunities.

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Cutting-Edge Technology, Worry-Free Support

At QEEHUA PUMP, we're committed to supporting our distributors with industry-leading technical resources. Our extensive product training programs ensure you have a deep understanding of our pumping solutions to effectively resolve any customer issues.

Our highly experienced team of field engineers stands ready to provide comprehensive technical support from the pre-sales stage all the way through to after-sales service. Whether it's assisting with specifications, installation oversight, or troubleshooting needs - our experts are there to help.

We'll work closely with your teams to transfer our expertise on application engineering and system design. Hands-on training clinics taught by our staff of application specialists help reinforce understandings in realistic work environments.

With our full suite of technical support and training resources, you gain the knowledge and skills required to confidently recommend the right solution for every customer. Partnership with us means having the industry's best talent behind you to guarantee your success servicing any project.

Reliable Quality, The Dependable Choice!

At QEEHUA PUMP, we pride ourselves on manufacturing top-quality chemical pumping solutions trusted across the industry. Strict adherence to our ISO9001 quality management system ensures each product undergoes rigorous quality control testing.
Through innovative designs, premium materials selection, and thorough inspection processes, we achieve consistent performance reliability and minimized maintenance costs. This makes our solutions low-risk investments your customers can depend on for the long run.
Installation and operations present no surprises with our pumps. Comprehensive manufacturing standards result in installations that start up smoothly and operate efficiently as designed for years to come with minimal service needs.
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Innovation-Fueled, Self-Driven R&D

We have a strong internal research and development team, focusing on continuous innovation and product improvement. We closely interact with customers to understand their needs, constantly enhancing and upgrading our products to provide a more competitive product line.

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