• Coating Industry

Electrophoresis coating is an immersion wet paint coating process. QEEHUA chemical pumps used in coating production line mainly include: high-pressure magnetic drive pump, low-speed magnetic pump, vertical immersion pump, metering pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump, etc.

Exhaust gas treatment
  • Exhaust gas treatment

Chemical waste gas comes from toxic and harmful gases emitted by chemical plants in chemical production. Waste gas treatment equipment is mainly washing tower (acid mist purification tower), and chemical pump needs to add corrosive solution to the continuously circulating neutralization solution.

  • Chemical Medicine

In the chemical industry, systems and chemical pumps used in critical processes need to be safe and reliable. Our magnetically driven pumps, metering pumps, can efficiently transport chemical liquids at specific flow rates for a defined period of time.

  • Mining

Mining involves the extraction of precious metals and stones, using not only mechanical processes to excavate these minerals, but also chemical processes to recover precious metals through dilution, flotation and leaching. Pumps in mining industry range from wastewater treatment to abrasive mud.