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2018 QEEHUA Huizhou Tourism Events

After the beginning of the new century and the renewal of Vientiane, we bid farewell to the busy and full 2017, and a more hopeful 2018 followed. At the beginning of this new year, Dongguan Qihua Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. ushered in its first tourism activity in 2018.

In order to thank my colleagues for their unremitting efforts and selfless dedication to the company’s development; In order to promote employee communication, strengthen the seamless connection between teams, enhance friendship and cohesion; At the same time, in order to promote the company’s corporate culture concept, enrich employees’ spare-time cultural life and broaden their horizons.QEEHUA organized employee travel activities on January 6th, 2018.

During the activity, colleagues help each other and unite closely, and the whole company is in a harmonious and friendly atmosphere. When traveling outside, there will always be many unpleasant collisions. We Chinese enterprises adhere to the principle of “building an image outside and cultivating loyalty inside”. Team work, honor principle. ” In the process of tourism, it has established an excellent corporate image. Especially at the moment of the tug-of-war project, the ground was wet, and it was drizzling. We Chinese enterprises were divided into two teams, each contributing to their own team. As one of them, I felt proud and proud.

Summing up the past is to better grasp the future! In 2018, QEHUA’s 5th tourism drew a circle in Huizhou, leaving a bright smiling face of QEHUA people; 2018 is a beautiful future. I believe we will do better in the future!

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