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Establishment of QEEHUA family culture

QEEHUA family culture

Every enterprise has its own unique corporate culture. Enterprise culture is an indispensable part of an enterprise. Excellent enterprise culture can create a good enterprise environment, improve employees’ cultural literacy and moral standards, form cohesion, centripetal force and binding force on internal energy, and form an indispensable spiritual force and moral norm for enterprise development.

It can make enterprises play a positive role, make enterprise resources reasonably allocated, and thus improve the competitiveness of enterprises. It can be said that enterprise culture is the soul of an enterprise. And QEEHUA’s corporate culture is Home Culture. The most important thing for an enterprise to become bigger and stronger is to play the role of people and team.

With the development of QEEHUA, the management has been further strengthened, so that the management has a better temperature. In order to make employees feel more at home and have a sense of ownership, the company signed the project “Home Culture Construction and Management Improvement” with the eco-enterprise service platform on September 12, 2018. Lai Dong and Vice President Zeng took the lead, the team participated, and with the guidance and assistance of two consultants, I believe QEEHUA will have a better tomorrow!

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