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French customers visit QEEHUA pump

French customers visit QEEHUA pump

With the rapid development of the company and the continuous improvement of the company’s product line, QEEHUA’s environmental protection products are constantly expanding the international market and attracting the attention of many foreign customers. On June 12th, 2018, customers from France visited our company to learn more about the strength of our company and conduct on-the-spot inspection of the company’s products.

Lai Zong, the founder of China Enterprise, warmly received the customers, and had a detailed exchange with them on the company’s strength, development planning and product sales. Then, accompanied by management colleagues, the customers visited the use of some products of the company, and the customers were full of praise for the production status, production capacity, product quality and technical level of our company.

Customers expressed their pleasure to visit our company, thanked our company for its warm and thoughtful reception, and left a deep impression on our company’s good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control and the latest technology of products.

Professional anti-corrosion pump selection consultation, to provide customers with the most suitable materials and the best performance of magnetic pumps, centrifugal pumps, vertical pumps and precision chemical filters, etc., to meet customers’ demand for chemical liquid delivery.

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