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Chemical pump solution for the PCB industry

PCB pump

The PCB manufacturing industry is at the core of the emerging electronics sector but faces challenging pumping needs. These include handling corrosive solutions like etchants, chemicals used in production line pretreatment and cleaning processes such as formaldehyde, dimethylformamide, and toxic substances, as well as hazardous materials containing high concentrations of copper, lead, nickel, chromium, and tin. Managing wastewater and hazardous waste is crucial for environmental and health safety.

Challenges in the PCB industry

The PCB manufacturing industry faces the following challenges:

The Limitations of Traditional Pumps

Traditional mechanically sealed centrifugal pumps, despite their design and power, might not be the best fit for these applications. The chemicals they handle pose risks to workers’ health, potentially leading to long-term health issues.

Having understood these requirements, the QEEHUA PUMP team offers solutions for PCB manufacturers, particularly recommending the following chemical pumps:

Vertical Pumps: Outstanding Performance and Versatility

The vertical pumps provided by QEEHUA PUMP are the ideal choice designed for the PCB industry. They address the following issues:

  1. Small Footprint: Compared to traditional horizontal end-suction pumps, vertical pumps occupy less space, providing PCB manufacturing facilities with more operational room.
  2. Seal-Less Design: Vertical pumps feature a seal-less design, effectively addressing the challenges of handling hazardous chemicals, ensuring zero leaks, and complying with RoHS and REACH compliance requirements.
  3. Flexible Installation: These pumps can be installed indoors and outdoors based on available space and application needs, offering greater flexibility.

Magnetic Pumps: High Efficiency, Low Maintenance

Magnetic pumps are another ideal choice for the PCB manufacturing industry, featuring the following:

Chemical Filter: Ensuring Pharmaceutical Liquid Purity

In the PCB manufacturing process, the purity of pharmaceutical liquids is crucial. Chemical pump filter units can ensure that pharmaceutical liquids maintain high purity, meeting the quality requirements of PCB manufacturing. These units are constructed with corrosion-resistant materials to handle corrosive chemicals.

QEEHUA PUMP’s chemical pump solutions, including vertical pumps, magnetic pumps, and chemical filter, successfully address the challenges of the PCB manufacturing industry. We provide efficient and sustainable pumping solutions for our clients, ensuring environmental protection, health and safety, and quality compliance. Choose QEEHUA PUMP for reliability and efficiency in your PCB manufacturing process.

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