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QEEHUA PUMP Showcases Chemical Pumps at International Electronic Circuit Exhibition

Electronic Circuit Exhibition

May 24, QEEHUA PUMP as China chemical pump manufacturer to participate in the International Electronic Circuit Exhibition, chemical pumps and PCB industry has a close relationship. In the PCB industry, chemical pumps are mainly used in the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards, such as in plating, etching, cleaning, etc., all need to use chemical pumps to transport various chemical liquids.

QEEHUA PUMP showcased a wide range of products at the exhibition, including magnetic pumps, centrifugal pumps, vertical pumps, filter machines, diaphragm pumps, metering pumps, and more. Customers who visited the exhibition expressed their full recognition of the quality of these chemical pumps. The performance and quality of chemical pumps are crucial for ensuring the production efficiency and product quality in the PCB industry. Therefore, the demand for high-quality and high-performance chemical pumps in the PCB industry remains significant.

As an enterprise dedicated to the research and development of chemical pumps, QEEHUA PUMP deeply understands the specific requirements of the PCB industry. The company continually strives to develop and enhance its products to meet the evolving needs of the industry. Through face-to-face communication with customers at the exhibition, QEEHUA PUMP gained valuable insights into the market demand. This knowledge will drive the company to further improve the quality of its products and services to better serve a broader customer base in the future.

The participation of QEEHUA PUMP in the International Electronic Circuit Exhibition reinforces its commitment to providing reliable and efficient chemical pump solutions for the PCB industry. By focusing on customer needs and fostering continuous innovation, QEEHUA PUMP aims to contribute to the smooth production processes and superior product quality of the PCB industry.

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