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Applications of QEEHUA PUMP Magnetic Pumps in the PCB Industry

Magnetic Pumps PCB

QEEHUA PUMP, as a leading chemical pump manufacturer, produces magnetically driven pumps that are exceptionally corrosion resistant and prevent leaks. This makes them well-suited for transporting highly corrosive or flammable/explosive chemicals. The design effectively avoids leaks while materials meet various requirements in PCB surface treatment processes.

In PCB surface treatment processes, magnetic pumps are mainly used in the following processes:

Etching: One of the important processes in PCB manufacturing where chemical etchants remove unwanted copper to form the desired circuit patterns. Magnetic pumps can transport etchants to ensure smooth etching.

Developing: The next step after etching where developers remove exposed photosensitive material to form the intended graphics. Magnetic pumps can transport developers to ensure smooth developing.

Stripping: The final step in PCB manufacturing where strips remove the protective layer to expose circuit patterns. Magnetic pumps can transport stripping solutions to ensure a smooth stripping process.

Key features of QEEHUA PUMP magnetic pumps:

Shaftless design: Effectively prevents leaks and improves safety in the work environment.

Corrosion resistance: Materials like PVDF and CFRETFE provide excellent corrosion resistance suitable for transporting acids, alkalis and other hazardous/flammable chemicals.

Versatile models: The MD series is for smaller applications while the QHX series is for medium-large ones, meeting different operational needs.

QEEHUA PUMP strives to be the first choice for reliable pumps in the PCB industry. Through numerous core patented technologies, our products resolve common issues like leakage, corrosion, poor heat dissipation, cracking, bubbles and damage – keeping us at the forefront of the industry in technical performance and quality.

Conclusion Surface treatment is a critical step in ensuring PCB performance and reliability during fabrication. Magnetic pumps are reliable due to their leak resistance, corrosion protection and long lifespan – making them an important application in the PCB industry. They can satisfy needs for chemically transporting during surface processes, improving PCB functions and reliability. QEEHUA PUMP magnetic pumps perform excellently and reliably for diverse applications including PCB surface treatment, providing customers with fluid transportation solutions.

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