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The Application of Chemical Pumps in Electroplating Processes

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Electroplating is a surface treatment technology that improves the surface performance and service life of parts by immersing parts in plating tanks containing metal salt solutions and rotating the parts with a plating machine to deposit metal ions on the surfaces of the parts to form plating layers. Electroplating is widely used in automotive, electronics, machinery and other industries.

In electroplating processes, chemical pumps are important conveying equipment mainly used to transport plating solutions, replenish plating solutions, circulate and filter plating solutions.

The Role of Electroplating in Industrial Production

Electroplating equipment plays a vital role in industrial production by improving the surface quality, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance of components. It achieves this by depositing thin films on metal surfaces, thereby improving performance and extending service life. Electroplating equipment is applied across industries with its benefits widely recognized and applauded.

Applications of electroplating include:

  • Automotive industry: Electroplating equipment is used for electroplating automotive components to make surfaces smoother, lower friction coefficients and extend vehicle lifespan.
  • Electronics industry: In electronics, electroplating equipment coats electronic components to improve surface smoothness and insulation, effectively preventing component damage.
  • Machinery industry: Electroplating equipment is applied to electroplate machined parts, helping make surfaces smoother, lower friction coefficients and extend machine lifespan.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electroplating


  • Corrosion resistance: Electroplating forms a protective film on metal surfaces, effectively preventing corrosion and extending service life.
  • Abrasion resistance: Electroplating deposits a thin film with high abrasion resistance on metal surfaces, effectively reducing surface wear and extending service life.
  • Heat resistance: Electroplating gives metals excellent heat resistance, effectively preventing heat damage and extending service life.


  • High costs: Electroplating equipment has relatively high manufacturing costs, limiting its widespread application for many users.
  • Complex maintenance: Electroplating equipment requires regular maintenance; otherwise damage may occur affecting performance.
  • Complex operation: Electroplating operation is complex, and many users often lack proper operating knowledge, leading to incorrect equipment use.

Application of Chemical Pumps in Electroplating Processes

Transport plating solutions

Before electroplating begins, plating solutions must be transported from storage tanks to plating tanks. Chemical pumps of appropriate models can be selected according to plating tank size and process requirements to ensure efficient and quality transport of plating solutions.

Magnetic pumps are commonly used pumps for transporting plating solutions in electroplating processes. Magnetic pumps use magnetic coupling drives that are leakage-free, corrosion-resistant and convenient to use, making them ideal choices for transporting plating solutions in electroplating processes.

Replenish plating solutions

Plating solutions are consumed and evaporated during electroplating, requiring regular replenishment to maintain normal process operation. Chemical pumps of appropriate models can be selected according to plating tank size and process requirements to ensure efficient and quality replenishment of chemical solutions.

Vertical pumps with simple structures and convenient use are typically used for replenishing electroplating solutions in electroplating processes thanks to their high lift capabilities and efficiencies.

Circulate and filter plating solutions

Impurities and particles can mix into plating solutions during electroplating, affecting plating layer quality. Chemical pump filter machines can effectively remove these impurities and particles to improve plating layer quality.

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Chemical pump filter machines are equipment integrating pumping and filtration functions with high efficiencies and filtration precisions. They are mainly used in electroplating processes to filter electroplating solutions.


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Advantages of QEEHUA PUMP Chemical Pumps in Electroplating Processes

QEEHUA PUMP is a leading and reliable manufacturer of chemical pumps and chemical pump filters widely applied in electroplating processes. QEEHUA PUMP chemical pumps have the following advantages in electroplating processes:

  • Leakage-free: Magnetic coupling drives are used without mechanical seals, thoroughly eliminating leakage risks and preventing plating solution pollution.
  • Corrosion resistance: Wetted parts use high-quality corrosion-resistant materials that can withstand corrosion from various plating chemical solutions.
  • Long service life: Simple structures without wear parts mean long service lives.
  • High efficiencies: Rational designs deliver high efficiencies and energy efficiency.
  • High filtration precision: Chemical pump filter machines use quality filter cartridges for high filtration precisions to effectively remove impurities and particles from plating solutions.

QEEHUA PUMP can provide professional chemical pump selection solutions according to customer-specific requirements to improve electroplating process efficiencies and qualities.

QEEHUA PUMP chemical pumps are ideal choices for electroplating processes thanks to advantages like leakage-free properties, corrosion resistance, long service lives, high efficiencies and filtration precisions. QEEHUA PUMP will continue dedicating to providing high-quality chemical pumps and services to support electroplating process development.

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