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Common Issues in ABS Electroplating and Troubleshooting Methods

Plastic Plating

ABS plastic electroplating is a surface treatment technique that deposits a metal layer on the ABS plastic surface to improve its surface properties and decorative characteristics. ABS electroplating has wide applications in electronics, automobiles, home appliances and other fields.

Pumps are important auxiliary equipment in the ABS electroplating process, mainly used to transport electroplating solutions, acid washing solutions, and other chemical solutions. In the electroplating industry, efficient and reliable pumps are key to ensuring a smooth process. QEEHUA PUMP has achieved excellent results in the fields of chemical pumps and pump filters with its leading technology and reliability.


ABS Plating Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the main troubleshooting methods from the perspectives of chemical plating and electroplating:

  1. Incomplete chemical plating deposition

    Description: Chemical plating is incompletely deposited in a regulated manner on fixtures, which is not a manifestation of stress concentration. Troubleshooting method: Conduct stress relief treatment, find the cause of roughness, activate potentially insufficient areas, and correct problems that reduce the efficiency of chemical plating.

  2. Peeling of plating layer together with chemical plating layer

    Description: The plating layer peels off together with the chemical plating layer, which belongs to the concentration point of internal stress. Troubleshooting method: Strengthen roughening and stress relief steps to ensure the surface roughness is sufficient and prevent local fixing parts from peeling off.

  3. Peeling between plating layers

    Description: Bright plating layers, especially bright nickel plating, may lead to destabilization of the brightener. Troubleshooting method: Adjust the plating solution, pay attention to strengthening the process of intermediate plating to ensure plating quality, and replace the activation solution in time.

  4. Partial dissolution of coating in components

    Description: Poor conductivity of hangers causes “bipolar” phenomenon, making local areas anodes and dissolving them. Troubleshooting method: Ensure the contact points between hangers and components are no less than two to ensure good conductivity.

  5. ABS coating with burrs and dots

    Description: Physical impurities deposited on the surface caused by dirty electroplating, which may be affected by copper powder and nickel anode sludge. Troubleshooting method: Regularly filter plating solutions, pay attention to protecting anode bags, adjust the pH of plating solutions, add surfactants, and reduce hydrogen adsorption.

  6. Deformation of electroplated parts

    Description: Products may deform after ABS plastic electroplating is completed, affecting assembly or use. Troubleshooting method: Pay attention to installation and use methods, especially for components such as frames, covers, and nameplates to ensure no deformation.

In these troubleshooting methods, QEEHUA PUMP products play a key role, especially in transporting electroplating solutions during the electroplating process. Their leak-free and seal-free design ensures the purity of chemicals and avoids cross-contamination. During electroplating, these pumps can stably and efficiently transport electroplating solutions to meet the requirements of different processes and environmental conditions.

Applications of QEEHUA PUMP Magnetic Pumps and Filters in ABS Electroplating

QEEHUA PUMP, as a leading and reliable manufacturer of chemical pumps and chemical pump filters, has demonstrated significant technical advantages and solutions in the electroplating industry:

  • Wide application of magnetic pumps: QEEHUA PUMP’s magnetic pumps ensure the purity of chemicals and avoid cross-contamination. They are widely used to transport electroplating solutions, corrosive liquids, etc.
  • Strong adaptability of vertical pumps: Its vertical pumps are suitable for transporting acid-alkali solutions and use corrosion-resistant materials such as GFRPP, CFRPP, CFRETFE and PVDF.
  • Efficient filtration solutions: QEEHUA PUMP effectively reduces common problems in electroplating such as burrs and dots through high-precision filtration equipment.

The Role and Impact of Electroplating Filters on Plating Solutions

The role of electroplating filters in the electroplating industry and their impact on plating solutions is widely recognized. Pumps press impure chemicals into the filter barrel, where impurities are removed through filter cartridges to obtain high-purity clean chemicals. In addition, the types of electroplating filters have developed from a single variety to multiple varieties to meet various specialized applications such as chemical plating, chromium plating, pre-oiling, activated carbon filtration, etc.

In the electroplating industry, using filtration machines to continuously filter plating solutions can effectively reduce the production of defective products, especially problems such as burrs and dots. The material selection and design of electroplating filters consider chemical properties and have advantages such as corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, non-aging, and non-toxic decomposition.

Brand Introduction of QEEHUA PUMP

QEEHUA PUMP is a leading chemical pump manufacturer that stands out in the electroplating industry through its excellent products and services. With multiple certifications, we have a high-quality engineering team to provide scientific pump selection solutions for customers. In the field of chemical pumps, our products have resolved industry difficulties through multiple core patented technologies, especially the “Magnetic Encapsulation Integrated Injection Molding” technology, which has always kept our products at the forefront in terms of technical performance and quality.

Whether in troubleshooting ABS plastic electroplating or pump applications in the electroplating industry, QEEHUA PUMP is the top choice due to its excellent performance and reliability.

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