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QEEHUA PUMP Intelligent tri-proof at the International Pump, Pipe and Valve Exhibition

Pipe and Valve Exhibition

Guangdong International Pump & Pipe Valve Exhibition covers three major fields: municipal, industrial and civil, and has opened up the upstream and downstream of sewage treatment, membrane industry, water supply and drainage, complete water supply and other industries. The exhibits cover pumps, valves, intelligent water supply equipment, pipes/pipe fittings, actuators, pump and valve supporting products.

As a well-known chemical pump manufacturer in the industry, QEEHUA Pump Industry attended this exhibition with its own patented product-intelligent three-proof device.

So what needs does this device solve?

That is, the problem of pump damage caused by easy idling, easy phase loss and easy overload of horizontal pump! From then on, customers don’t have to worry about pump damage caused by manual operation errors!

Moreover, the cost of this device will not increase a lot, and it is small in size and easy to install, so as to realize low cost for customers and protect the normal operation of production.

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