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QEEHUA PUMP Plastic Pumps for Acid and Hazardous Liquids

PVDF magnetic pumps with protection device

Plastic Pumps: The Ideal Choice for Transporting Acids and Hazardous Liquids

In the chemical industry, safely and reliably transporting acids and hazardous liquids is critically important. Plastic pumps are an ideal choice for this application due to their corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and ease of maintenance. As an experienced pump manufacturer with over 10 years of experience producing specialty material pumps, QEEHUA PUMP utilizes polypropylene (PP) and fluoropolymers (PVDF) to ensure compatibility with a variety of liquids including acids, bases, oils, alkalis, refrigerants, and fuels.

Characteristics of Plastic Materials

We choose plastic materials for our pumps mainly due to the following characteristics:

Polypropylene (PP) Pumps

PVDF Plastic Pumps

Advantages of QEEHUA PUMP Plastic Pumps

How to Select the Most Suitable Pump Material

To ensure selecting the most suitable pump material, you need to:

QEEHUA PUMP’s Plastic Injection Molding Technology

QEEHUA PUMP has advanced plastic injection molding technology for producing high-precision, high-strength plastic pump components. This technology ensures product quality and reliability while shortening production cycles.

In summary, QEEHUA PUMP’s plastic pumps made from highly corrosion-resistant PP and PVDF ensure compatibility with various acidic and hazardous liquids. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality, reliable pump products to meet the needs of different industrial fields. Through in-depth research into plastic pumps and continuous innovation, QEEHUA PUMP will continue leading the development of the chemical pump industry and creating greater value for customers.

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