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QEEHUA Hosts Environmental Engineering Technology Summit

Engineering Technology Summit

On December 21st, with the support of Guangdong Water Treatment Technology Association, Guangdong QEEHUA Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in the hosting, and Kewania Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. was the contractor. Finally, the 13th Salon Meeting and Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Summit was successfully launched in the long-awaited way.

The event was very lively, with 400 representatives from all over the country gathering together to discuss new opportunities for cooperation and development of the environmental protection industry. In this sharing meeting, peers in the industry exchanged information on enterprises and made point-to-point business arguments. At the end of the event, the most anticipated link of the guests was ushered in-meeting supply and demand, exchanging business cards, docking resources, in-depth discussion … Such a grand meeting showed the ardent expectation of the guests for “breaking the game, mutual benefit and win-win”!

As the organizer of QEEHUA Pump Industry, Ms. Zeng Qinglian, general manager of marketing, and Mr. Lai Qingyi, founder, shared the reputation of Chinese manufacturing in foreign markets, our hope and mission, QEEHUA products, and the future direction of QEEHUA …

“Made in China” is abroad

In the first half of 2019, QEEHUA tried to go abroad for the first time with the core technology that has been precipitated for nearly 20 years, and successively went to five countries to attend major exhibitions and visit customers. More and more customers get to know each other, and we collect more and more kinds of feedback. No matter which country we go to, the chemical pumps of European, American and Japanese brands are the most commonly used by customers at present. This is the reaction of users’ habits in the past decades or even hundreds of years, and they think that although they are expensive, they have advanced technology and can use them with confidence. Even if you use second-hand, you should use a good brand. Unfortunately, in their impression, made in China = low price poor quality. Even if it is cheap, I dare not use it. This is the impression that some Chinese products that took the lead in going abroad in the early stage of reform and opening up have left the world because of the lack of advanced technology and lax quality control!

Hope and mission

If you were a member of a local brand in China, would you be discouraged? For QEEHUA, what we see more is hope and what we feel is mission. Where does QEEHUA’s confidence come from? Of course, it comes from our confidence in our products and market positioning!

With the personal participation and strict control of the founder Lai Qingyi, the chemical pump developed and manufactured by QEEHUA has been able to compete with big brands and old brands in terms of energy saving, idling, strong acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life. What’s more, compared with big brands, our price-performance ratio has absolute advantages, and we really provide customers with good quality and good price solutions!

We have reason to believe that the reason why foreign customers are still afraid to use Chinese products is that they haven’t met really good Chinese products! If you create opportunities for them to experience QEEHUA’s super cost-effective products, they won’t stubbornly insist on buying old brands and big brands with high prices and low-cost performance! QEEHUA, which serves customers with high-cost performance, has a market position just in line with the long-term interests of customers, so it will definitely have a market prospect beyond expectations!

Let the world fall in love with Chinese pumps. The sense of mission brought by this sentence strongly encourages us to forge ahead! Go ahead!

The craftsman’s heart is worthy of you.

Subsequently, Mr. Lai Qingyi, founder of QEEHUA Pump Industry, shared his entrepreneurial development path. From being a driver to a sales champion, and now starting a business for 10 years, along the way, we have accumulated rich product expertise with diligence and pragmatism. After receiving frequent complaints from customers about product quality, we resolutely stopped marketing, devoted all our time, energy and resources to technology research and development while serving old customers well, personally led the team to study technical problems, and finally won the praise and good reputation of customers! Many customers’ products using QEEHUA in 2019 are after retail! And Chuang Feng Group, one of the giants of PCB equipment manufacturers, will issue QEEHUA a certificate of quality supplier in a month!

QEEHUA dream-let the world falls in love with Chinese pump

Always said that QEEHUA has enough confidence and strength to realize “let the world fall in love with Chinese pumps”. 1. Compared with international first-line brands, QEEHUA’s advantage lies in the price of its products, which is at least one to three times lower; Second, compared with domestic common brands, QEEHUA’s advantage lies in product stability and leading technology; Third, professional technical team, accurate selection for customers, reduce losses; Fourth, professional export team, to provide efficient and accurate services to customers all over the world.

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